Woolen Care Secret: Its Godrej Ezee

Woolen Care Secret: Its Godrej Ezee

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Woolen are not only the requirement of winters, but they are the key to layering. They are not only expensive, but their care is also very important. These are actually investment pieces which you wear season after season, if they have been cared properly. Sometimes it gets very confusing that how you should care about your woolen pieces as there are so many instructions around.

Here are few of the steps as how you should take care of your woolens:

Do not iron it: If you are traveling and you have a fear that your woolen will get creased and you might have to iron it before wearing it, then pack your woolens by rolling them in tissue papers. This will help to prevent creasing problem as well as stretching the material. If you still want to iron it, make sure you are using a steam iron and set the temperature on wool.


When to wash: It’s very important to know when you really need to wash your woolens. Unlike other material, you can wear your woolen by not washing it frequently. If you wash it extensively, it will get the bubbling issue and we all know that how bad it looks.


How to wash: It is always good to soak your woolens for few hours in cold water with a gentle detergent before you actually go ahead and wash it which will prevent it from shrinking. When you soak the woolen fabric for a few hours, the fabric gets saturated and be in its shape.


What detergent to use: It’s very important to use the correct detergent when you are washing your woolens. In India, we all know that the best detergent to wash your woolens is Godrej EZEE Liquid detergent. It is the best detergent with no soda formula which helps keep your woolens bright and new.


If you will use any hard detergent, it will damage your woolens, fade its colour and loose its style. I use Godrej Ezee for all my woolens and I assure you that if you will use it, your woolens will be happy and stay with you for long. #EzeeCares

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