Wimbledon Craze with Allen Solly

Wimbledon Craze with Allen Solly

Happy Friday Everyone!

I had a very interesting news that I would like to share with you all, especially to my sports lover friends who love Tennis. I’m sure you guys know that Wimbledon will be taking place from 27th June 2016 in London, but do you know that Allen Solly associated with Wimbledon and launched an exclusive range called The Wimbledon Collection by Solly Sport. Great, is not it?

So, to celebrate this incredible moment and the super game of Tennis, we decided to show you some of our looks which we think are great to wear at Wimbledon. We have already done these looks for you guys and hey, who doesn’t want to see some known looks which are appropriate for this amazing sports celebration. So, we picked some of our best looks for this occasion and we are sharing it with you.

I always talk about fashion and what is in trend and how can you wear a pairing or what goes with what but this time lets take the looks in a more sporty way. Watching a match and enjoying what you going to see in the court, well you have to wear comfortable clothes and which can complement your personality as who knows whom you going to bump into – Hummm.. may be Chris Evans. So, you also have to be prepared. If you ask me, I would mostly like to wear formal casual combo looks for this and Allen Solly has really done a great job creating the designs. So, here are some of my personal favorite pairings which I would love to wear from my closet:

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Thank you so much for reading. I hope you like the looks and the concept! #PlayitFair #SollySportCentreCourt #AllenSolly

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  1. Ritu Pandit - September 2, 2016 at 12:27 am

    Really nice Ruchika. keep doing it.

    Best Wishes


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