Weekly Tips: Tie-Dye Maxi Dress

Weekly Tips: Tie-Dye Maxi Dress

Hi Everyone!

Tie-Dye is back in fashion and with this we also adore maxi skirt and dresses  because they elongate the body and create a slender hourglass silhouette and if we combine these two things together, then this could be our Tie-Die Maxi Dress.

tiedye_maxi 2

It is a cool option to wear it in hot summers as it’s a mix of featherweight fabrics, wispy straps, and care-free prints that make the tie-dye maxi dress a must-have. It’s simple and earthy look can be paired with almost anything, a long necklace or wide cuff or a cotton jacket and a pair of flats.

Here are some tips how we can wear it and look fabulous:

tiedye_maxi 3

tiedye_maxi 4 tiedye_maxi 5 tiedye_maxi 6 tiedye_maxi 7 tiedye_maxi 8

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