Weekly Tips: Geek Glasses

Weekly Tips: Geek Glasses

Hi Everyone!

From Maxi dresses to Harem Pants, we have seen it all and this time it is Geek Glasses.

This season being a nerd is the coolest look you can carry and how can you do that, well that’s simple! by wearing the geek glasses.

geek glasses1

From Red Carpet to Cat Walk, these glasses are everywhere. These unisex glasses are very popular these days. I personally found these glasses very cute. According to your facial structure you can select which type of geek glasses you would like


These glasses give your personality a very smart look, and the best part about these glasses is that they look good on anybody/everybody.



geek glasses2 geek glasses3

Well if you ask me, I would like to wear something like Timberlake is wearing. Love his glasses :) Well its your choice to wear it or not but if you have problem with your eyesight and thinking of changing the frame, then you can definitely go with this as it looks good and geeky.

Justin_Timberlake lauren-conrad-wearing-glasses-706bes080510

So guys! Try out these glasses as ‘GEEK is the new SEXY’.

Thank you so much for reading this!

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