Weekly Tip: Street Fashion Decode: Jassica Alba

Weekly Tip: Street Fashion Decode: Jassica Alba

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I always consider Jassica Alba as one of the coolest fashion icon and her sense of dressing in street fashion is amazing. I especially love the way she incorporates denims, cargos, jackets, hats and boots in her regular daily wear fashion.

She knows exactly how to wear denims in a semi formal look by adding blazers to the outfit. Keeping the whole outfit simple by wearing a white T-shirt and blue denim and pairing the look with your favorite piece of blazer gives the whole outfit a lovely chic look. You can wear these looks for your office, lunch dates, formal get together, etcs.

JA2 collarge 2014

Here she is pairing her shorts with the strong ankle boots. Shorts are giving the outfit a chic look and at the same time boots are giving it a tough look. You can wear these pretty looks for a girl’s day out or a night out or for a rock concert.

JA3 collarge 2014

These effortless ways of wearing skirts in your daily wear is amazing. You can pair your denim jackets or your tank tops with a flowy skirt and you are good to go. You can wear these looks to your college, school, for a movie, etc. It is one of the coolest look to wear and it looks so feminine.

JA4 collarge 2014

She wears her dresses somewhat similar to the way she wears her skirts.

Here are some more pictures of her street fashion which looks lovely.

JA4 collarge 2014 JA19 2014 JA2 2014 JA6 2014 JA7 2014


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