Weekly Tip: Office Wear

Weekly Tip: Office Wear

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Today’s post is about Formal Wear. People choose formal wear as their office wear as we know. But the picture of formal wear has turned tremendously over the years. People not only prefer to dress-up formally in the office but also for a formal outing.

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 Formal wear no longer means those boring shirts and pants. High-waist skirts, Peplum, One piece dresses, Jackets etc, are also included in the formal wear. One can look very stylish in a plain shirt or top and tight pants with a jacket and a pair of heels in the office. The ‘nerd’ glasses will also add up to the look. You can also wear loafers or bellies in office for more comfort and they look equally sexy.
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One doesn’t have to shop crazy for the office wear. Just a simple addition will do the magic. Try doing something different everyday. Be it your top, your bottom, your hair or your shoes.
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Gone are the days when Office or Formal wear meant only ‘Black and White’. You can now carry almost every color to pair with your formals. So GIRLS!!!!! Get out of those boring formals and bring some color and style to the office. Who knows the energy might as well bring a PROMOTION!!! along with.

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