Weekly Tip: Color Blocking Rules

Weekly Tip: Color Blocking Rules

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I have done couple of color blocking outfit posts earlier and trust me wearing colors makes your mood go very happy and joyful. Today we will talk about how you can make your outfit more colorful using the color palette by doing color blocking.



To start understanding what color compliment which colors you need to understand the color wheel. You can see that the primary colors on the color wheel are: Yellow, Blue and Red and the most complimentary of these colors are: Purple (mix of red and blue), Orange (mix of yellow and red) and Green (mix of yellow and blue). This is the basic theory of the color palette. Primary colors look bright and nice with their opposite and complementary colors. However, you can mix and match any color you feel like looking good.



Color blocking, is a method of wearing multiple solid colors in an outfit. You can mix any two complimentary solid colors which revolves around a palette.


f you have never color blocked your outfit, start with the basics. Mixing two colorsa neutral and a bright. This will help you feel comfortable wearing a solid bright color. After you are comfortable wearing bright shades in your outfit, try to add more colors in it by choosing complementary colors. Always make sure of not making it too bold or you will end up looking like a clown. You can use natural color accessories or shoes, to create a balance in your outfit.


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