Wedding Jewellery Tips For Mothers & Sisters Of The Bride – Truly Bridal By Kalyan Jewellers

Wedding Jewellery Tips For Mothers & Sisters Of The Bride – Truly Bridal By Kalyan Jewellers

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Mothers of the bride and groom play important roles in a traditional Indian wedding. Here, Shreya Kalra, our fashion and jewellery expert will present a few tips for these important ladies, so that they can look glam during the wedding without overshadowing the bride.

Tips for the mother of the bride:

Once upon a time, the mother of the bride was expected to look dull and boring. Thankfully, that’s the past. Now the mother of the bride is free to express all her fashionable choices, not only with the clothes that they wear, but also their jewellery choices.

However, there are some dos and don’ts that can be followed:

1)     Statement Antique Jewellery: Your antique jewellery is timeless also it will set you a class apart. Such jewellery will not only make you look elegant, but also each piece you own has a story to tell.

2)     Balance out the bling in your look: If you are wearing a heavy neck piece, pair it out with smaller earrings to balance your look. Alternatively, if you opt for statement earring, you can either wear a simple gold chain or skip the neck piece all together.

3)     Heirloom Jewellery: Heirloom Jewellery such as vintage or khandanikadas or heavy chandelier earrings paired with a simple neck piece will make you look and feel royal.

Who said that the bride is the only one to watch at Indian weddings? At Indian weddings, it is always the one who is next in line catching the eyes of the relatives and guests.


Here are a few tips for the sister of the bride:

1)     Statement Earrings: The wedding season is about making a style statement. Statement earrings are a great way to make a style statement at your sister’s wedding. Earring in large, cascading silhouettes is pretty much all you need. Opt for earrings that are large and clean-cut and appear bold.

2)     Maang Tikka: From over-sized maang tikkas to Mughal inspired jhoomers to one-tier and two-tier maathapattis, choice for the sister of the bride are unlimited. However, save the maathapatti for the bride and opt for a maang tikka, because you don’t want to overshadow your sister on the most important day of her life. Also, if you opt for a pair of statement earrings and maang tikka, skip the necklace all together, you don’t want to overdo your look.

3)     Cocktail Rings: Cocktail rings are an incredible fashion statement today, with colours that pop and eye catching sparkle. The cocktail ring is sure to make you stand out at any occasion.

Hope these tips by Shreya Kalra, our fashion and jewellery expert will come in handy to all the mothers and sisters of the brides!

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