Visit to the Queen of Hills – Hotel Pacific Review | Travel Blog

Visit to the Queen of Hills – Hotel Pacific Review | Travel Blog

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When there is summer, go to a mountain! – This is in everyone’s mind, especially Delhivallas. Our favorite weekend gateway is either a hill station in Himachal Pradesh or Uttarakhand.  As this season the summers came pretty early and we are burning in Delhi from April, we decided that we need a short vacation and everyone decided to go to Mussoorie (of course again!).


This is not the first time that I have been traveling to Mussoorie but I have traveled several times and I have now lost count. We decided not to stay at the mall road or our usual places but to explore some place new in Mussoorie. We searched and found out a place called the Camels Back Road which is behind the mall road where we never stayed or visited. It is a very quiet with no traffic and in fact 2 degrees lower than the main Mall Road. There is a hotel in that road – Pacific Hotel, where we stayed and spent our weekend this time.




As we have started doing travel blogging on our blog and channel, we decided to review the hotel and do a vlog on our trip. On our way to the hotel, we have enjoyed the majestic view and the crisp air of Mussoorie away from the hassle and traffic of Delhi. You need to cross mall road on the way to the Camel’s Back Road. We experienced horrible traffic and pollution on the Mall Road. While we were entering our hotel at the Camel’s Back Road, we noticed that it’s in the middle of the forest with no hotels around and the calmness of the place gave us a relief that took a wise decision selecting this hotel out of all.



The Pacific Hotel, Mussoorie also has a chain in Dehradun which is 15 years old and their first property and after successfully running that property, Mussoorie property made and it started working 11 months back. The first look of the hotel to me was pretty neat and small like most of the other hotels in Mussoorie, but when we entered the hotel we realized that it has three floors with the nicely maintained decor. We booked two suites for us which have a view of the Himalayas. In the morning we actually saw snow covered the Himalayas from our room window which was a breathtaking view. I can vouch, that this hotel has one of the best views of the mountains and that was the main reason we decided to go ahead with this hotel.




The rooms have a minimalistic design with the required things which can make your stay comfortable. In the living room, you will get a Dining area, a washroom, Television, Sofa area with sofa cum bed, working area with a fantastic view of the Himalayas.  In one corner you will also get a small kitchen with a sink. In the bedroom, you will get one double bed, a washroom, a small sitting area and a small closet. The suite has ample amount of space to accommodate 3-4 person. The rooms are very spacious with comfortable beds. Looking through the large windows of our room and sipping my wine was an experience of another world.




That’s not all about the amazing facts of Pacific Hotel, Mussoorie. Actually, I’m coming towards that point which made of stay to a level up. Yes, I’m talking about the food! From Chinese to Indian, we tasted it all and I never expected to eat such lip-smacking food while I’m traveling. We opted Chinese for our Lunch, Indian for Dinner and continental for our breakfast and believe you me, they have remarkable food with great quality. Since we were glued to our rooms, the management was kind enough to serve our food in our rooms so that we can enjoy to our fullest. We went to Mall Road but we never bother to eat there because our hotel was serving such amazing food. I would highly recommend that if you guys are planning a trip to Mussoorie, then you should visit this hotel, if not for staying, at least for a meal. The staff was very polite and humble. They took care of us and provided with what we asked for. Their chef visited our room to ask if we like the food and if we need anything. 


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In my opinion, there are few things on which if the hotel should work it will be excellent:

  1. House Keeping – We stayed for two days but we did not get automatic housekeeping for our rooms. I agree that we did not ask for it but I feel that they should have done it on their own once a day.
  2. Kitchen items: I feel that if you are providing a kitchen space, you should also give two sets of cutleries and a fridge.


We stayed there for 2 days and our overall experience was delightful and memorable. We took small walks outside the hotel enjoying the view, the food was outstanding, the hotel staff was humble and helpful, what more do you want! Truly love the experience and would love to go back and stay with Pacific Hotel again.  For bookings, please check hotels website:

Also, do check what Travellersfoodboxx has to say about this hotel with whom we shared our trip:

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    This is really nice hotel to stay with all the required amenities and the hill view makes it more perfect.

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