UCB Fights Against Breast Cancer

UCB Fights Against Breast Cancer

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I have seen and worked with many brands in the past and very less brands do something good for the society. I believe people or brands that can do something for the society to make a change should come up and help the world to be a better place to live. We have recently got lucky to associate with an event like this which was hosted by United Colours of Benetton(UCB) to fight and spread the awareness of breast cancer.



We all know that cancer is one such disease which is not curable if detected at the last stage, but is manageable if we know about this in early stages. I’m pretty sure that most of us have someone or the other in their family or known one fighting with this disease. It is very important to know more about this and aware people in rural areas where people do not have much knowledge. I was so happy when I got to know that UCB is conducting an awareness program and setting up a camp for breast cancer awareness at Village Nakhrola, Manesar. UCB invited us to take part in this association and do live updates on our social handles.


UCB organized their team, doctors and village representative to make this initiative. Mr. Subhash Yadav who is one of the village representatives made this activity a running success and he helped UCB to reach the people of Village Nakhrola, Manesar and set up this camp. When we talked to him, he said he has been organizing these camps for the past thirteen years and this time UCB showed initiative and made this a huge success. Starting with talking to the village Samiti and the school where this camp happened to distributing the pamphlets, Mr. Subhash Yadav has done it all and we all are very thankful to him. Around 200 women showed up for the checkup and being educated about the breast cancer.



There were five booths to go through the whole checkup process which started with the registration, followed by the blood test, then to the E&T checkup, special gynecologist checkup and then finally if required the X Ray which was organized in a vanity Bus. We saw all aged group women coming and participating in this association. We drove almost 60kms to participate in the UCB initiate of Breast Cancer awareness and indeed it was a pleasure to be a part of this amazing work.

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I would love to participate in more of these events and spread the word. Getting yourself checked up  once in a year is must because you all are important to your dear ones and UCB has made that happen in Village Nakhrola, Manesar and we wish more people and brands do these awareness programs and help the country grow further. Thank you so much for reading!

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