Turn Heads Wherever You Go with Glittering Jewellery

Turn Heads Wherever You Go with Glittering Jewellery

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I always think that accessories play a vital role in brightening up an outfit. Today we will talk about five most classic glittering jewellery which are currently in trend and are a must have in every Fashionista’s jewellery collection.

Rocking Statement Rings: Recently the statement rings are in trend. You can show off your style with only a ring which can give the outfit a new dimension. Statement rings are always my favorites and I even have a couple of them. These attractive rings come in various styles from which you can choose. For creating a rich look you can select a ring with lots of gems or for a cute look you can put on a flowery statement ring, depending on your mood!

ring look2


Gem bib necklaces: Bid necklaces are very much in trend. They can go very well with any simple and casual outfit as well as it can compliment a dressy and formal outfit. Bid necklaces with gem are a huge hit this season. You can see famous celebrities supporting these necklaces with their different outfits.

bib necklace


Chunky Bangles & Bracelets: This season it’s all about stand out in crowd. You might have seen me wearing Chunky Bracelets for my outfit posts because I love the way it look and brighten up the whole pairing. So pair up the gold cuffs, metal spikes, gem dipped bangles with your outfit. You know  the more, the better!


Glamorous Ear Cuff: Ear cuff are a very bold and statement jewellery which looks very chic, stylish and classy all at the same time. This classy jewellery was a runway staple and is now widely available in all markets. It is one of my favorite pieces of jewellery as well. Wear an ear cuff with anything and you do not have to wear any other jewellery!

ear cuff 4

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