Travel Diary:: Trip to Nainital

Travel Diary:: Trip to Nainital

Hi Everyone!

I was planning to write this post since I came back from my Nainital’s trip and it was long due as well. It took me a good amount of time to create this post as I have to select the best pictures out of all we took during our stay. Today I have so much to share with you guys. I hope you all will love it!

As I did mention in my previous post, it was quite cold in Nainital. I went on this trip with a few of my friends. We went there in the first week of October when we had our long weekend due to a couple of festivals in India. In Delhi, the weather was quite warm that time, but when we stepped out of our car in Nainital, we had to take out our jackets to keep ourselves warm.


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The day we reached Nainital, it was very foggy with super chilly winds as it rained the previous night. We enjoyed while we were driving towards our hotel. We switched off our air conditioner and enjoyed the chilling winds with music and snacks. We pre-booked our hotel rooms as it was filling in fast. We stayed at Arif Castles hotel. The rooms were pretty good with the mountain view. The food was not so good, but the service was pretty satisfying.

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On the second day, we took the city tour and visited all the view points and tourist areas. It was quite crowded due to the holidays, thus, we also skipped out some places. We managed to visit the lake view, the Maggi point, Waterfall, Cave Garden, Mall Road, Lake, etc. My favorite place out of all what we saw was the lake. It was breathtaking when we took the boat ride. The view was awesome and the sound of the water was so refreshing. Our city tour ended with a small walk at the Mall Road. We were pretty exhausted at the end of the day. We ended our day with some dancing and playing Dumsharas (All time favorite time pass game).

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We started our journey back to Delhi the next day and on the way I saw lots of monkeys and they were so cute! I personally love monkeys. I think they are very lovable animal. Saw some baby monkeys with their mommies too (Aww, so adorable!). But sadly I could not take their pictures :((

All in all it was a great trip. Had loads of fun with friends and I will look forward for these small trips in future too, and will share those memories with you in my travel diaries.

Leaving you with some more images of the trip. Thanks you so much for reading!




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