Tijara Fort Palace – Neemrana’s New Property

Tijara Fort Palace – Neemrana’s New Property

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Most you must have known by now that I’m married and it’s going to be a month today. Normally couples go for their honeymoon right after they are married. But we decided to do something different! We decided to go for a honeymoon vacation in February but no one can stop us taking weekend trips and exploring new places, right?


Mainly we decided to go in February because we wanted to relax and then go for a vacation. Trust me, getting married made us both so tired and it took a week to settle down. But we managed to take a weekend trip to the Tijara Fort Palace, which is a Neemrana Heritage property and is only 117kkm far from Delhi. The fort is at Alwar-Biwari road and it took around 3-hour drive to reach at the fort with really scary mountain drive where there was literally no road and it was dark by the time we reach there.



In 1835 CE Balwant Singh started the construction of a Fort-Palace after the name of his mother Moosi Maharani as well as a grand Hawa Mahal. Famous architects and masons from Kabul and Delhi were engaged in its construction. Because of the premature death in 1845 CE – probably from murder, the construction remained incomplete till now when it has been leased to Neemrana Hotels to restore, complete and run it as a heritage hotel.



When we first saw the fort, the only thing which came to our mind was the word ‘Beautiful’. The fort is huge and it looked amazing at night. By the time we reached the hotel, the tea time was already over thus we waited for the dinner. We had a little snack and wine which we brought with us. There were few things which we did not like and one of them was no room service. The dinner was equally pathetic with Dal Tarka on the menu.



We were staying at the Madonna Mahal, which was actually a bit far from the main fort. You have to walk a bit to reach to Mardana and the area between both the palace and Mardana is under construction. The next day, we got up a bit late and the breakfast timing is from 8-10am. By the time we reached the restaurant, it was already 9.30am, the buffet breakfast was still going on. We were eating and then the second unfortunate thing happened. The restaurant staff started switching off the lights and one waiter just asked us if we need anything else because they are shutting down the buffet. Like seriously? You cannot ask your guests this till they are finished!  After all of this, we went to see the pool area. The pool area is still under construction and as the weather was cold and the water too, we decided not to dip in the pool.img_8761-1img_8724-1img_8723-1

We also managed to click this lookbook while we were enjoying the afternoon roaming around. I love oversized pieces and pairing them with structured bottoms. I recently bought this oversized sweatshirt from Forever21 and flaunting it with my denim shorts made the pairing cool. The look is perfect for light winters and vacation. By the night, I changed the shorts and wore jeans as the weather got colder.img_8724-1img_8673-1


The second-day dinner was a little better than the first day, but it was still not up to the mark and the behavior of the staff was not very friendly. We have been to Hill Fort Kesroli several times, which is also a Neemrana property and we did not have any sort of complaint from that place. Then the third misfortunate thing happened! After the dinner, we were roaming around and suddenly we realized that they have switched off all the lights of the pathway through which we have to go back to Mardana Mahal and most of the palace lights. Frankly, I got a little paranoid and scared that point as we saw labors working during the day time and now it’s no light on the pathway which is under construction and gosh, how will we reach back and there was no hotel staff. We almost ran towards our room with our mobile flashlights on. We really got disappointed on this that we decided not to come here again.img_8691-1img_8731-1img_8739-1img_8715-1img_8684-1

Next day at the time of the checkout, we told all our issues to the manager. He was so sweet that he patiently listen to all our issues and told us that he will immediately take action against it. He also asked us to write all our issues so that he can show it to his senior manager. He also did not charge us for the dinners saying that it will be bad on his part to take money for what we never liked. If I have to say some good points about this trip was the beauty of the fort and the manager.


So, if you guys are planning a trip and want to stay at Tijara Fort Palace, I would recommend you to postpone the same for at least 5-6 years as the fort is under construction and I hope the service and food get better after it will be fully constructed. You can visit Neemrana’s other properties as they are beautiful and I can personally vouch for Hill Fort Kesroli. Thank you so much for reading.

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    Lovely pics. I love the view from the top. It’s unbeatable.


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