The New Age Girl wearing FOSSIL Q MARSHAL

The New Age Girl wearing FOSSIL Q MARSHAL

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Fashion and gadgets today complement each other and there’s no denying to the fact that we are living in the right time. Like the brand fossil which is one of the few fashion brands entering the gadget world with the style hitting it right with their smart watch collection, which they like to call Fossil Q Wearables (Fossil).




Fossil Q Marshal comes with 360 mph battery so it really lasts a day longer. Q Marshal has inbuilt speaker and microphone along with the powerful processor that is snapdragon 2100, which provides with powerful navigation throughout and apps perform faster, which is a must for any smartwatch. The display here is about 45mm (screen size) with a bright display in daylight and crisp text which reads better. The Q Marshal display also has an ambient display, which basically means that it will wake up the screen not all the way, but just so that you can look at the time, that’s why all the watch faces comes with two looks one with normal display the other one is with ambient.



I was very happy when I got my hands on to this watch and I immediatly wanted to do a full review on it. The overall look of the watch is kept very traditional from front to back metallic to the side dial, which does not rotate but has a push button. The watch lacks the heart rate monitor, but this is water resistant so taking shower with this smartwatch is now possible. The Q Marshal comes with magnetic charger cable only which snaps at the back of the watch, you have to buy a power plug separately, but you’ll be able to connect it to your smartphone charging dock also. The 22mm straps that hold on either side of the dial comes with genuine leather and is easy to customize. Fossil offers a wide color range of strap collection in three categories, that are – Silicon, Leather, Stainless steel and I personally love that part as you can customize it as you like. Fossil smartwatch dial comes in 4 color variants, that is – grey, silver, gold and navy.



Q Marshal is compatible with both Android and iOS but since it’s an android wear few things might not be available for iOS users, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting this beauty in your hands. The Fossil team has put together a rugged style design which has a solid feel, looks gorgeous comes with a brighter screen with beautiful depth. In my take, this is the best smartwatch WEARABLE of 2016 and genuine competitor to Apple watch and Samsung s3. The only small thing that bothered me and I’m just nitpicking here is that the display comes with the flat tire design which is similar to Moto 360 but hopefully the design team at Fossil will soon figure out a way to put the sensor in a way that we get a full circular display.



Keeping the look and design in mind, I created my look for the shoot by giving it a formal and a chic look. Pairing my nude crop top with high waist legging and waist coat which complimented my Q Marshal very well. Finishing the look with my brogues and round glasses.


I hope you like to look and our review on the Fossil Q Marshal. Thank you so much for reading.


Watch: Fossil Q Marshal (Here)

Crop Top: Forever21

Legging: Zara

Waist Coat: Top Shop

Shoes: Clarks

Bag: Tommy Hilfiger


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