The Fluid Fashion Trend: LIVA Bloggers Meet

The Fluid Fashion Trend: LIVA Bloggers Meet

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When you select an outfit, what do you see in that outfit? Of course the style, the fabric, the design and the make. If I say that there is one fabric brand which does all of the above and without knowing, we all are wearing their garment in our day to day life. Well, yes, I’m talking about the LIVA Fluid Fashion fabric who does it all. The garments which are available under the brands called Pantaloons, Solly, Park Avenue, W, People, 109’F, Code, etc. use LIVA fabrics to manufacture their garments.


I have recently done a Lookbook using the LIVA garments showing the BohoChic Look and pairing them in two different ways to create summer and winter looks. The fabrics are so fluid and adaptable to any season and look that it actually helped me create these different looks . I love when a fabric is breathable and can be paired with different other fabrics like leather, denims, cotton, etc.


As you all know that I have attended the Amazon India Fashion Week and LIVA was one of the sponsors. They also organized a cool blogger meet at the ground. Not only we got to meet our blogger friends, but also we got to meet the amazing team of LIVA who put so much effort in creating these superb fabrics. In the bloggers meet, they talked about the brand, its future goals. LIVA does not only manufacture fabrics, but it is a brand in itself. It creates future fashion trends and quality is their main focus. People are now well aware of LIVA as a brand and they are buying the garments looking at the tag of LIVA Fuild Fashion Fabric.



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At the meet, we also got the opportunity to meet three lovely ladies – Isha Rajpal who is a fashion designer, Shyamlee Karla who is a popular ramp choreographer and Riddhima Kapoor (Ranbir Kapoor’s sister) who has started her own jewellery line. These ladies are amazing human beings, married with kids and doing so well in their field of expertise. They gave us tips on fashion, health, how to handle work pressure and how to be healthy. We were just having fun when the president of FDCI – Mr. Sunil Sethi walked in and we enjoyed his company. He shared his experience with LIVA and how he got his favorite shirt made out of LIVA fabric. We had super fun time with the guests knowing about their life, their associations with LIVA and what they think about the brand in person.

All the bloggers present at the LIVA event created their looks with the LIVA outfits. Here is my look from the day 3 of the Amazon India Fashion Week wearing LIVA Fluid Fashion.





Do check LIVA Fluid fashion website to know the brand better ( Thank you so much for reading and I hope you like the look.


Kurta Dress & Fringe Jacket: Max Fashion

Shoes: Stree Style Store

Sunglasses: Forever21

Hashtag: #FluidIsYou

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