A day well spent at Orient Electric’s Fans Display Zone

A day well spent at Orient Electric’s Fans Display Zone

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We all have one dream home in mind for which we work hard and dream to create it one day. Different people have different tastes and choices to create their own dream home.  Some like lavish and posh homes and some wants to have a cute and small little place. No matter what your choice is, we all want homes which can give us comfort and should have our own touch.

In a home, we all give its interiors a huge priority as how the walls should be or which furniture to pick, etc. But have you ever thought that with all of these, which fans need to be installed and if they will go with the interiors or not? We generally do not give much importance to which fans to select and install in our homes. I was one of them to think like that before I attended the recent Bloggers meet hosted by Orient Electric, the biggest manufacturer of fans in India.

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I visited their Faridabad factory where they have shown us their splendid fans’ collection and how these fans are being made. I must say that after visiting their plant, I was really thrilled and happy to see how the whole process works and what it means to be the largest exporter of fans. Orient Electrics has over 60% market share in export of fans and a presence in over 35 countries.  Established in 1940, the company has created a strong customer base and great customer service centers. Orient Fans have manufacturing units in Faridabad, Kolkata, and Guwahati. Their units are capable of manufacturing & ability to produce multiple variants of fans.


Orient Electric today has the widest range of fans in its portfolio including ceiling fans, table fans, wall fans, pedestal fans, exhaust fans and multi-utility fans to suit varied evolving needs, aesthetic preferences and usage environments. They are recognized for developing path-breaking technologies in fans – PSPO, BLDC & Aero Series. The products are made keeping Technology, Silence, Quality, Aesthetics, Reliability and Easy to Clean in mind. As they have a huge variety of products, their pricing has also ranged from low to high keeping in mind that everyone should afford it.

I personally love their Aero Series. Orient Aero series has upgraded designs, premium features, and super smart technologies. These fans are “very silent and very powerful”. Orient Electric launched Aerostorm fan in January 2018 which is inspired from aerofoil design of Aircraft wings and is reinforced with winglet technology which further helps in sound reduction and giving an astounding air delivery of 300 CMM. In February 2018, they launched yet another striking variant in our Aero Series range – Aerocool, with a unique design. While I was attending the bloggers meet, I end up winning myself an Aerostorm (lucky me!).



Orient fans have been consistently awarded ‘Star Performer’ for many years by the Engineering Export Promotion Council (EEPC) and rated as ‘Star Export House’ by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. You should definitely have your next fan from Orient Electric. I completely trust Orient Electric for my future fans and I cannot wait to get my own Aero Storm and install it in my room.

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