That One Person Who #NeverLetsYouDown

That One Person Who #NeverLetsYouDown

Hi Everyone!

When I got to know about the campaign of LAVA Mobiles and their tag #NeverLetsYouDown, I decided to share a story with you all about a person who is very close to me and is one of the people for whom what I’m today as a person and whatever I have achieved in life. That person is exactly the true definition of the LAVA Mobile’s tag line in my life. I’m sure you all share that incredible bond with that one person whom you can call your friend, your mentor, your problem solver and a very strong reason you are on this planet. Yes, I’m talking about Mothers. I share the same bond with my mother too, in fact more than that!

She is my strength and my advisor in life. She always does things what is best for me. Make sure that I’m happy no matter what. She never says no to me, be it odd timing shopping or making food for me in the middle of the night. No matter if she had food or not, she always makes sure that I eat properly.


I’m feeling so overwhelmed writing this post right now and there are lots of things I want to share. Last year I lost my dad and I was in a very bad state of mind. I never shared how I felt publicly because I thought no one will understand and will think I’m sharing it to gain sympathy. My mom was equally in that state, but she made sure that I’m fine and helped me fight that situation. I miss my dad a lot, but when I look at my mom, I feel she is the one person who made me the person I’m today and I have to live for her and be happy.


As a child, I was very introvert and had very few friends. She always played with me and never let me feel alone. She calmly listens to all my nonsense of what happened in school and bare all my tantrums. She helped me complete my homework and sometimes does it all. I remember I had typhoid fever and I use to hold her tight while sleeping. Due to that infection, she got infected with bronchitis, but she took care of me rather than thinking of her own. I think god has made mothers like that. So pure and so strong!

She is always there for me on all my ups and downs in life. Give me strength when I feel week and dishearten. She sometimes fights, but love me the next moment. Mom! I really don’t know what I would have done without you. Thank you for being my mother and loving me so purely.
LAVA Mobiles symbolize the qualities of trust, reliability and strength similar to my mom in my life. There is no one who can replace the place of my mother from my life and she is truly an angle in my life. I cannot hide anything from her, share every small detail of my life with her. I love you mom, I dedicate this post to you. Check out more details about LAVA Mobile


Thank you so much for reading. Let me know who is that special person in your life that #NeverLetsYouDown?

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