Structure: Stripe Blazer & Lace Heels

Structure: Stripe Blazer & Lace Heels

Happy Thursday Guys!


Being a fashion blogger, I need have an artistic way of writing a blog, to create content, styling a garment and for that, I take a lot of inspiration from the people around me, from the places I go and from other bloggers too. I have been thinking about this look for a really long time and I finally created this look after I got my hands on to this beautiful lace shoe from Truffle Collection. For this look, I kept the neutral color palette in mind and gave a lot of emphasis on white and grey color collaboration.

Currently, on HouseofRuda we are selling this beautiful long blazer and when I created this piece, I was really happy to see the structure and the overall look of the blazer. Wearing blazer with this lace high ankle shoe, kind of completed the whole look for me. To maintain the minimalistic look of the pairing, I added a plain short and a black peplum top with my grey boxy bag. Just for a little blink to the whole outfit, I added the stone necklace. I believe minimalistic and comfort fashion is the new trend. From all the recent looks which I have created, this is one of my favorite look which actually came out super trendy.

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We have recently collaborated with Truffle collection and produced a video where we showed how to wear thigh high boots in four different ways. Truffle collection has an amazing range of shoes available on their website from where you can shop. Here is the video where you can see all the four looks that I created:

I hope you like this look and our video. Thank you so much for reading this post.


Jacket: HouseofRuda ( Here )

Top and Shorts: Old

Shoes: Truffle Collection ( Here )

Bag: & Neckpiece: Forever21

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