Rohet Garh: A Memorable Journey | Travel Blog

Rohet Garh: A Memorable Journey | Travel Blog

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We have been recently posting a lot about Rohet Garh, which is in Jodhpur where we recently visited and stayed for two days. Rohet Garh is the ancestral home of the Rathore of the Champawat clan, was built in 1622 AD and today the royal residence is classified as one of the best heritage hotels in the country. The main attraction of the hotel is that the present Rathore family lives there at the hotel as well.

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Around 46km away from the main city of Jodhpur, it takes around 40-50 minutes to reach at Rohet Garh by road. To enter the Rohet Garh, you need to pass through the Rohet village which surrounds the entire palace and gives it a rural vibe far from the hustle of a city. The moment you enter the palace you will realize the peace and calmness of the place. When you think about Jodhpur, Rajasthan, you think of dessert, heat, sand, but the palace is situated on the banks of a lake which makes the viewing point to the next level.






When we enter the lobby(lawn) of the palace, the lush green surroundings, beautiful fountains takes your mind away and you forget that you are in Rajasthan. You can see peacocks roaming in the garden and Marwar horses in their stable, which makes this place one of its kind. The palace offers 30 different AC rooms with each room offering something different. The palace offers a swimming pool, bicycle riding (to see the nearby places), spa, library, gym and free wifi which you can connect to at the lobby and Swimming Pool area. The palace also offers some great outdoor activities such as Equestrian Program (horse-riding ), Village Safari, Royal Picnics, Bird Watching, Culinary Workshops.






The rooms which we got were spacious and had a view of the garden. There are rooms overlooking the lake as well, which gives a breathtaking view. The food of the hotel was incredible, especially at dinner when they served us the Rajasthani Thali. The staff was helpful and attentive which we love about the hotel and they are really doing their best to host their guest. There is no television in the rooms, but actually, you do not need one when you are so close to nature.





We opted for village safari and we truly love the experience. We went to see black buck where we saw these amazing creatures roaming happily in the woods. It was a magnificent moment when I saw them the first time. We got to know that the Bishnoi tribe takes care of them and protects them from any harm. Then we went on to see the Bishnoi tribe where we met a Bishnoi family and how they live and their homes. I must say that they were such warm hearted people and they welcomed us to know their history and more about them. Then we went on to see the Brahmin village where they have all the basic amenities of life but still live a very simple life. They worship the mother nature and believes in taking care of it. We have done Vlog on our whole experience and here are the two videos:

Every night the hotel also organizes folk music for their guests with bonfire and snacks. Listening to the music and enjoying the scenic beauty during the night is a mesmerizing moment. You cannot feel the feeling until you personally experience it.




There are few small things which the hotel should look into to make the stay more enjoyable are:

  1. Whenever I travel and staying in a five star or a heritage hotel, I carry only my travel shoes and night heels. I do not carry bathroom slippers and I accept the hotel to give the same. Rohet Garh did not have that facility and for which we have to suffer a little.
  2. We got two rooms, one over the other and we took the top floor room while my friend stayed on the ground floor and we could clearly hear him talking when he was on a phone in the washroom which is a little weird. It would have been good if the rooms and the bathrooms are a little more sound proof.


Overall, it was a wonderful and enchanting experience. Thank you Rohet Garh for inviting us and reviewing your beautiful property. For more information check out their website: Also you can read the review post which has been done by TravellersFoodBoxx

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    Have heard a lot about this place but haven’t been able to visit so far.
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