Review Wella EIMI Styling Range: Dry Me, Root Shoot & Perfect Me

Review Wella EIMI Styling Range: Dry Me, Root Shoot & Perfect Me

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We all agree that with great outfits you need great hairstyles to go with it and to help us achieve at Wella launched their new hair products called the NEW EIMI styling range. It has Dry Me, Root Shoot and Perfect Me in it. I’m sure that you guys are interested to know more about this new range of products and why not as hair plays a very important role of our personality. So, here is a full review of the NEW EIMI styling range.


I’m always fascinated about all the new hair products in the market. My hair goes through a lot like heat, styling and it suffers from dryness issue. You might have seen my last post with Wella where their global ambassador Patrick Cameron showed us some fun hairstyles and he bowled us up with some of his new hairstyle collection (Here). He even indicated us about this range and was very excited about it. When Wella sent me these samples for reviewing I could not hold myself and I tried all these three products.


 Wella Dry Me -Dry shampoo


What the product claims:

Create volume and a manageable matte texture to achieve the desired look. Refresh hair with this formula containing tapioca starch.

How to use:

Shake well and spray it to the roots evenly (dry hairs), leave in and brush through.


Rs. 900 for 180ml


My verdict about the Wella Dry Me

Well, I love dry shampoos as I’m mostly busy with events, shoots, office, etcs. and washing hair comes with lots of time investment. Thus, I get very excited when I hear the name Dry shampoo. It comes in a simple spray bottle with nothing very fancy. What I like about this product is it does not leave a huge amount of white patch like the other dry shampoos and it also absorbs all your oil and give the hair a matte finish and a lot of volume. A normally dry shampoo does not give you a bounce, but this one is not unlike the others. I used this the third day of washing my hair and I survived the whole week and I still do not feel any oil in my hair. The price is also comparatively in the budget. Trust me, I have used many different dry shampoos and by far this one is my favourite.

Rating: 4.5/5 (deducting .5 because I feel like the packaging could have been a little fancier) and of course I will again buy this product again.


Wella Root Shoot – Root Mousse


What the product claims:

Perfect root lift is only a shot away with this mousse designed for precision application.

How to use:

Shake, Shoot, Volumise. Apply on damp hair directly onto the roots and blow dry as you wish.


Rs. 900 for 200ml


My verdict about the Wella Root Shoot

Again the packaging is very simple with a spray nozzle. I used this product after washing my hair and blow dried it. It actually gave me a great volume and bounce. You need to brush your hair while you are blow drying and if you are not, then you might not get your desired look. I also love the smell of  this product which is very fresh and refreshing. The product does what it says. I feel like after 2 days my hair starts getting oily and then I used the Wella Dry Me to my hair.

Rating: 4.5/5

It is a great product and I would love to buy it again.


Wella Perfect Me – BB Lotion


What the product claims:

Create a natural style and smoothness with this delicate lotion which adds shine, moisturises, tames fly-away hair and protects hair from the heat of styling tools.

How to use:

Pamper, perfect, protect. Apply a small amount of product to mid-lengths and ends on damp or dry hair for a luxurious feel.


Rs. 900 for 100ml


My verdict about the Wella Perfect Me

When I saw the BB lotion written on this bottle, I wondered what this is because I have never heard anything like this for hair style. I defiantly know about the BB creams, but BB lotion was something very new. When I was going through what it does, I understood that it is a smoothing serum with heat protection. I used this product after using the Wella Root Shoot. When I blow dried my hair, it gave me a very soft and manageable hair. I love the fact that it has heat protection in it so I do not need another product for my hair as I always style my hair after every wash.

Rating: 4.5/5

It is a great value for money so I will defiantly buy it again.

All in all I love all the products and I think they go hand in hand. The whole range compliment each other and I think these are one of the best products for hair styling in the market right now. They are also great value for money. You get awesome three products within such amazing cost. I’m very happy that Wella introduced these products to all of us and I would highly recommend you to try them. You can get these products on all Wella Professional studios, Online and leading salons. I hope you like the review. #SpeakEIMI

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