REIMAGINE INDIA with VISA Cards #reimagineindia

REIMAGINE INDIA with VISA Cards #reimagineindia

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The hot topic currently is how we can better our country and what the ruling party is doing to create a perfect country. We need to understand that to create a perfect nation, every one of us should take responsibility. We are young and can change the way we have been living. We should all do our bit to help come one step closer to create a great India. All we need to do is think differently and take that small step.

Our family is a Hindu religious family. Whenever we have any religious program at our home, we make sure that we do not use loudspeaker so that no one gets disturbed. Noise pollution is a very normal thing which we do rather than think about others. There may be kids who have their exams and want to study, there might be old age or newly born babies who cannot take noise pollution. We should always keep in mind that there are other people who might get disturbed because of us.


Being a blogger, I have to travel a lot. Sometimes I travel through public transport, where I have to take the metro train for my commute. I have seen a lot of times in a jam-packed metro station that a train comes and people get crazy to enter the train without letting the other people get out of the coach. Because of this many people get hurt. We are educated people and we all know the rules of Metro. You should stand before the yellow line and where the footsteps are marked. I always follow the rule no matter if I have to leave one or two trains but hurting someone just to reach somewhere 5 minutes early is inhumane.


We are the generation of new thinking and we can change and help people Reimagine India in a new and fresh way. Let’s get out of our comfort zone and take a step ahead in rediscovering India. We can start from really small things like transforming public space into something new and interesting or let’s open the streets for everyone from kids to old age people. Why do we need gym or fitness centre when we can get fit anywhere or let’s change the way we celebrate our festivals and make it more eco-friendly and joyful. VISA has taken this initiative and is asking us to think with the help of this video and to understand how beautifully you can change for a better future.

Think about how we can change so much around us if we all consider these small things and change our lifestyle a little to make a better nation and be a better human being. I’m giving my share to Reimagine India. I request everyone to come and join this cause to Reimagine India and share your story with us.

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