Product review:: Spinz Sun Tan Remover

Product review:: Spinz Sun Tan Remover

Hi Everyone!

All of us experience tanning on exposure to the sun. Sometimes we are completely tanned – face, hands and feet included! It drives us mad, but there is no way to avoid it. I had been to a summer vacation for 3 days in Rajasthan and had fun in the swimming pool, safari and all the activities. But each time went out in the sun, I get worried about getting tanned and how to remove it.

I have tried lots of home remedies and the creams available in the  market to remove my tan but it does not work. A few days ago I saw the Spinz Sun Tan Remover video and I immediately thought of giving it a try.

So, here’s a full review of Spinz Sun Tan Remover.

Product claims:

De-Tanned Radiant look in 5 minutes.

Salon like fairness in just 5 minutes.

Fairer in just 5 minutes.

Does not contain bleach or any other harmful chemicals.

Key ingredients are milk, lemon and honey.


Direction for use:

  • Single use requires about 8 to 9 grams if used only on the face. The sachet 9 gms ideal for one time usage on face and neck.
  • Apply the cream generously on your face, avoiding the sensitive area like the eye contours.
  • Massage gently in slow circular motions and leave on skin for 5 minutes.
  • After 5 minutes, wash with water and pat dry.



Single use sachet worth Rs. 10, 25gm tube for Rs. 49, 50gm tube for Rs. 89. The product mainly bought through medical shops & modern trade stores.


My Verdict:

My skin is super sensitive and I get scared of using new products on my face. But still I tired the Spinz Sun Tan Remover to my face to see how this tan remover works. In India, we have very few tan remover creams. So, I’m always in search of a good tan remover as you cannot stop the sun to damage your skin, but you can get your lost fairness with the help of tan remover. The product pricing is very affordable and I think anyone can use it. I do not like the packaging of the product much, but then I think as the price is so affordable, we can overlook the packaging part. As mentioned in the pack of the Spinz Sun Tan Remover, I wet my face with some water, then then applied a little to my problem area just to see if the cream is irritating my skin or not. But to my surprise it did not. Then I took the cream in good quantity and applied it onto my face and neck. The cream is very light and spread like butter on the skin (with the moist skin). The cream also has a sweet smell which is not very much . After 5 minutes I washed off my face with water. It did make my skin look refreshed. As I do not like to put anything on my skin, which can hamper it later, thus I washed my face again with my face wash and then too my skin look a bit brighter and refreshing. I think this product actually works and as it does not irritate my skin, I can say it does not contain any bleach. #SpinzBanTheTan

Rating: 4/5


Key points:


  • Affordable price
  • The cream is very soft and spread like butter.
  • Does not irritate the skin at all.
  • It does remove sun tan and leaves the skin brighter and refreshing.
  • After using face wash, I can still feel the same.



  • Packaging is not that good, but it is ok for an affordable product like this.
  • I think all of you should try this once. If not buying the big pack, give the sachet a try and I’m sure you will like it.

Thank you so much for reading!

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