Product Review: Godrej Nupur Coconut Henna Crème

Product Review: Godrej Nupur Coconut Henna Crème

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In today’s life stress and tension affects our body and hair. Gray hair is a common problem among everyone and it starts from a very early age. I remember, I have gray hair when I was in school and I use to be so embarrassed about the same. I have tried many colours and henna as well. For me, I think henna works the best for my hairas I love the nourishment it gives. It’s just the nourishment that I love. Well, when I heard about the Godrej Nupur Coconut Henna Crème, I thought I had to giveit a try.

I have recently coloured my hair (as you might know if you are following me on my social handles) so I have convinced my mother to try it for me as she also use hair colour. Read further to find out about the products and my verdict about it.


What’s the product claim?

Godrej Nupur Coconut Henna Crème is a crème based hair colour enriched with the conditioning of henna and nourishment of coconut oil.


What do you get inside the pack?

You will get two sachets of colour & developer inside the pack of 20gm and 20ml for Rs. 39.



My Verdict:

The first thing which is very good about this product is it is very pocket friendly. You will not get the goodness of coconut, the nourishment of henna and also colouring effect in this price anywhere else. When I opened the pack and took out the developer, I can smell the coconut oil fragrance. The colour crème look creamy and the colour of it reminds me of my henna days. Somehow I never liked the smell of coconut oil, but this is any day better than the strong smell of ammonia. Another good thing about this product is, it is an ammonia free product. When I mixed the developer and the colour together, it formed a very thick paste and it is non drippy which I like. I hate those hair colours which are liquid and tends to drop. I took a little swatch test before applying it to my mom’s hair.


The colour of the products changed instantly once it touches my skin. It is very easy to apply as the sachets inside the product are pre – measured. Apply the crème for 30 minutes and then wash it. My mom has frizzy hair as she is using hair colour from really long now, but after using the Godrej Nupur coconut henna crème her hair are much more manageable than before.



The product as of now comes in four colours burgundy, black, dark brown and natural brown. I have used dark brown to my mom’s hair.


Rating: 4.5/5

I just coloured my hair thus I could not use it, but as soon as my hair colour will start to fade, I’m definitely going to try this to my hair. Thank you so much for reading.

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