Pre-Wedding Checklist – Truly Bridal by KalyanJewellers

Pre-Wedding Checklist – Truly Bridal by KalyanJewellers

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If you wake up with a huge smile and a heavy hand because you are wearing a rock on your finger, you should feel like those few lucky girls who had a perfect proposal. Your fiancé is most likely to be exhausted from planning the proposal, picking the right ring and making sure nothing goes wrong. While he is tired, you are getting excited about the wedding and want to start planning it right away, basically turning into Bridezilla.

Wedding is a ceremony which unites two souls. It’s the start of a beautiful bond. However, wedding is a big event and requires a lot of hard work & planning. Wondering where to start from?  Chances are you are overwhelmed by the numerous tasks that lay ahead of you, now that you have decided to tie the knot. You are not only planning a wedding, you are also planning a vacation for your guests and a honeymoon for yourself. It can be overwhelming and things can fall through the cracks if you are not organized. Here is a checklist of items which will walk you through your wedding planning process & hopefully make it easier for you.

Pre-Wedding Checklist - Truly Bridal by KalyanJewellers

Sanna in this video will walk you through a pre-wedding checklist. Getting married was never easy. From invitations to shopping and guests & their drama, wedding is everything but romantic. It is very stressing as there is a huge task in front of you to be managed.The easiest of them all is pick a wedding theme/style which is probably the easiest of them all. You, as a little girl must have always dreamt of a fairy tale wedding with your prince charming. Just close your eyes and imagine a fantasy wedding. Also, while you’re at it, do your parents a favour, decide on a budget and try and stick to it. Save your parents high blood pressure.

However, the most important for us girls would be thejewellery and clothes… am I right?

You will be wearing your beautiful new lehenga, new jewellery& shoes and flaunting it like never before. Just remember that since jewellery is a much bigger investment and you will probably wear it more than your clothes, buy jewellery first and then match it with your lehenga. And girls, don’t forget to visit KalyanJewellers for the best wedding jewellery possible.

Wedding is not about Google searching girls, if you can’t handle the pressure of getting tasks done on time; hire a wedding planner to take some of the burden off your head. A professional planner can help you with the whole affair as the task-list is endless. They are more experienced than you and know very well how to fit the piece of a puzzle to make a picture look better.

As a bride, you will have more things to look at than the planning of your own wedding. So, don’t waste all your time planning your wedding but also pamper yourself to look your very best on your D-day.

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