Prayers:: Red Gown and Blue Earring

Prayers:: Red Gown and Blue Earring

Hi Everyone! I hope everyone is doing well with great health. IMG_7462-1 IMG_7470-1


Recently we got an opportunity to do a Lookbook post with Trendy Divva. They got a beautiful collection of dresses specially gowns.  When they asked me to pick up a dress for the Lookbook post, I could not help myself and I picked up this beautiful gown. The size fit perfect me and I fall for its sexy back. I love the material of the gown, which makes the gown looks so alive. I highly recommend you guys should definitely check our Trendy Divva’s collection (especially their gown section!).


Keeping the look minimal while styling the dress, I thought it would be great if I tie my hairs in a ponytail with my teardrop studded earring. Earlier, I was very scared of wearing red and always thought it would make my complexion look dark. But over the years, I realized that it’s not about the color it’s about the confidence!


Last couple of days, I was so traumatized because of the sudden earthquakes happening. Trust me it took away my sleep away and after going through the news about Nepal and some parts of our country makes me wonder, how humans are so fragile and weak. We can be each other’s strength, but still we flight for lands, money and property. I sometimes wonder, what will we get into it? Nothing! We all have to go alone. So, till the time we are here, we should spread the love and togetherness and should stop fighting. My prayers to all those who got affected by the earthquakes. Stay strong and everything will be ok.


Thank you so much for reading.


Dress: Trendy Divva ( Here )

Clutch: Lifestyle

Shoes: GK Market (Don’t remember the name of the store)

Earring: Forever21

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