Philips Bikini Genie Trimmer:: Full Product Review & Price

Philips Bikini Genie Trimmer:: Full Product Review & Price

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I hope you all will agree that sometimes hair removal becomes a pain. Going to a parlor is time-consuming, shaving is not good for skin and using hair removal creams makes your skin darker. A few months ago, I have reviewed the Philips Satinelle Essential Epilator (Here) which is an amazing product for hair removal, but we all know that Epilators hurt a little and it becomes scary to do epilation or waxing down there. I never ever like anything which hurts and irritates the skin. I got to know about the Philips Bikini Genie Trimmer and I must say this is the best product that I have invested in so far. So, here I’m reviewing it for you guys and letting you know what I feel about this after using it quite a few times now.

Product Description:

Fed up with skin irritations, nicks, and cuts? Keep your bikini line in perfect shape and enjoy flawless results with the Philips Bikini Genie trimmer. It’s the safe and easy way to trim, shape and style the hair down there. Rounded hair tips for safe, precise hair removal. 4mm length trimming comb. Mini shaver head. Use after shortening hairs with the trimmer. Ergonomic handles specifically designed for the bikini area.


Price: Rs. 2095

You can buy this product from Flipkart (here – on discount) and snap deal (here – on discount)


My verdict of the product: 

The packaging of the product is very smart with purple cardboard packaging and it does have lots of information mentioned in the packaging itself. It also comes with a detailed booklet explaining the usage and how you can clean the product. It also comes with a pouch in which you can keep the product and all its accessories handy. The trimmer and its accessories come packed inside the plastic covers placed in the carton box. Overall, I love the packaging and the way they have mentioned the description of the product. 


Talking about the looks and the design of the trimmer, the trimmer is very handy and it fits and settles well in your hand. It has a beautiful purple petite and fun design and I love how cute it looks. Because of its ergonomic handle, it helps to trim, shave and shape your bikini line with ease. The product includes the Philips Bikini Genie Trimmer, 0.5mm Mini trimming head, 3mm trimming comb, 0mm Mini shaver head, a cleaning brush, an AA battery and a pouch.


I have used this product quite a few times now and I believe this one is my best buy in terms of any hair removal product. I have always used with the trimmer without the comb attachment to get the closest shave. Using the Philips Bikini Genie Trimmer is actually fuss free as it runs on AA battery and this makes it travel-friendly as well.  Simply place the trimming head onto the hair you want to remove and glide it against the direction of your hair growth. For best results, keep skin tight while trimming. It does not matter if your skin is wet or dry, the trimmer will work wonders in both the case. For a close shave after using the 0.5mm Mini trimming head, use the 0mm Mini shaver head to get that satin soft hairless feeling.


You can easily clean it as well by simply detach the head from the trimmer and place it under the running water. Let it dry and you can use it again. If you are in doubt, that if it will cut or make the skin harsher, then my answer will be no! The only thing that it will do to your skin is, it will leave it satin soft. I feel my hairs are back after a week or so, but that totally depends on someone’s hair growth. The trimmer will not make your hairs hard or thick.


This product did really help me to get rid of those unwanted hairs super easily and without any pain. Now that I have used thePhilips Bikini Genie Trimmer, I’m never going back to the waxing or shaving. Trimming is so much better than those.



1.       Love the packaging.

2.       It is painless hair removing technique.

3.        It runs with AA Battery so it is hassle free

4.       Travel friendly

5.       Comes with lots of attachments and accessories

6.       You can achieve the closet shave with the fear of cut.

7.       It does not affect the hair growth.

8.       Cleaning the product is easy and quick.

9.       Leaves the skin satin soft

10.   Pocket-friendly product, if you consider the parlour bills for your waxing.


There is actually nothing I can think of.


5 out of 5


Thank you so much for reading the review. I hope this review will help you selecting the best product for you.

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