Panda Love:: Embroidery Skirt and Combat Boots

Panda Love:: Embroidery Skirt and Combat Boots

Happy Tuesday Everyone!


Whoever follows me on any of my social handle might have noticed that I recently wore this outfit to an event. I simply love the whole pairing. This sweater is such a cute and statement piece with the panda face. This panda sweater is very warm and cozy and I feel like hugging myself every time I wear it



I bought this sweater from Max Fashion and within a week, I got invited from Max Fashion for their new store launch and I decided to wear this. When I visited the store, I searched for this sweater, but by that time this was not at their inventory. I’m happy that I decided to buy this the moment I saw it. I paired this with my green flared skirt which made the pairing chic. Let me know if you have any statement pieces like this in your closet which you totally love :)


Sometime doing shoots for the blog turns out so funny when people started staring at you and think that you are some girl who wants to get her pictures clicked without even knowing what and why we are doing this. This is so strange that without even knowing someone, people judge a person and start commenting. This is what happened while we were shooting for this post. I feel so petty that they might even don’t know what is a blog or what blogging is and they are still commenting and making faces. Strange world!




Sweater: Max Fashion

Skirt: Zara


Bag: Tommy Hilfiger




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