Softer & Better: New Whisper Ultra Soft

Softer & Better: New Whisper Ultra Soft

We, women, go through a lot of changes in life. First, the hormones go wild and make our physical and body changes, and then we change our family when we get married which change our life. In all of that, we learn to adapt to the environment and live it to the fullest. Sometimes we are happy or sad or face our tremendous mood swings and during those five days, the trauma goes to another level. Just to make our life a little easy Whisper is continuously working on to make us feel comfortable and help us to run smoothly and conquer the world.


We all are familiarized with the brand Whisper and might have used their product once. If you ask me, I swear by their products and I think they are one of the best in the market. This time Whisper has launched the ‘New Whisper Ultra Soft’ that offers superior comfort that feels 2x softer on the skin while absorbing wetness hour after hour. Keeping the comfort of every woman in mind Whisper has launched this product. The brand strongly believes that for any woman to realize their full potential, first and foremost – she must be comfortable in her skin and that is so true.


As I have been using Whisper from really long time and I have also used this product and I can say that the product is really soft and super comfortable to wear. Because of its extra large size, you do not have to worry about stains. You can freely sleep or go out and have fun. Normally when you are sitting in the office for a longer period of time, your ordinary pads make you discomfort and as a result, you tend to sit in an uncomfortable position but the New Whisper Ultra Soft offers comfort that ensures girls can sit in their own unusual ways and feel comfortable. Been a fashion blogger, I have to go for shoots, events, meet people and I always wanted a sanitary napkin which can give me amazing comfort and Whisper Ultra Soft is that one product.


The product price is also very reasonable to the pocket. For a pack of 7, all you have to pay is Rs. 67 and it is available in all leading stores. Everyone should feel comfortable and especially when you have a product like this to support you during those days, why thinking again to achieve your goals.

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