My Hair Color Story with Fashion TV Salon

My Hair Color Story with Fashion TV Salon

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Hair plays a very important role not only in ones look but their overall personality. Hair color and its style change the look of a person completely so it is very important to go for a color which suits you and you are confident in carrying the same. I was thinking of changing my look from really long. When Fashion TV Salon asked me to review them, I immediately said yes and went on to review their service and salon and how they do my hair makeover.



F Salon has two stores in Delhi. One is in Block M, Greater Kailash II and the other one are at Vishal Enclave, Rajouri Garden. I went to the Rajouri Garden one for the review. The salon looks posh and clean with all beauty services you can think of. The interior of the salon is done with black and white with abstract print seating which makes the look of the salon exclusive.  I love how they did the branding of Fashion TV where I can clearly getting the vibe of a finer place and the soaring standard of Fashion TV Salon. Upon arrival, I was requested to sit while the hair stylist was busy attending another client. After a while, the stylist came and I started explaining what I’m looking for.  It is always good to keep reference pictures if you have something in mind to have a clear understanding of what you want.



I met Nadeem and Imraan who were my hair stylist. I would say the whole staff was my friendly and polite, especially my stylists. I always wanted to have Ombre Ash Grey hair style and I‘m obsessed with it. I noticed that many salons either does not know what is Ombre effect or simply say that they cannot do it. When I asked F Salon that I’m particularly looking for the Ombre effect, to my surprise they said ok let’s do it. They actually scored a goal there. Then we decided which shade will suit most on my skin tone. As my complexion is medium tan, I do not want to look more tan by getting a lighter hair shade overall or highlights, but wanted a dark color global shade and ombre effect Ash Grey shade. We decided to do a dark brown color global hair color and then the Ash Grey for the Ombre effect.


As my natural hair color is dark brown and Ash Grey is way to light than my normal hair. The procedure is the beach my hair first and then color it. I consider my hair quality, fairly well, but that day I got to know that I have a stubborn hair which does not want to change its color. We applied the beach thrice and after waiting for 3 hours, my hair turned golden brown. While I was getting impatient and could not wait for more, we decided to go ahead and color my hair. My hair stylists tried to reach the closest possible color that I wanted though a little tint of brown is still visible, but overall I’m really happy with the way the color came out.


Normally when you extensively color and bleach your hair, it tends to get dry and split ends. As I was sitting for three hours trying to bleach my hair, I thought, I will see my hair turn into broomstick hair after they wash it but to my surprise, my hair quality was still good. They also gave me a split end cut just to remove the ends which got dried up. It’s been two weeks since I got this color done and I have washed my hair twice and I can feel that my hair is getting better after each wash with the shampoo the salon recommended me.


Overall, I had a great experience and love my hair makeover done at the Fashion Tv Salon. I would recommend Fashion TV Salon to you for all your beauty needs. Find them on Facebook and book your appointment now.

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