Mixing: AIFWAW17 Day 4 StreetStyle

Mixing: AIFWAW17 Day 4 StreetStyle

Hi Everyone!

I’m back with the last look what I created for the last season of Amazon India Fashion Week. This is one of my favorite look out of all the three I created (here are the other twos: http://www.fashionbyruda.com/glitters-aifwaw17-day-3-streetstyle/ & http://www.fashionbyruda.com/fusion-saree-aifwaf17-day-2-streetstyle/). This look has a masculine feel with the chic touch. I feel that this is a perfect look to support feminism as frankly I consider myself a feminist and I do not see this is anyway bad. I feel that woman in our society should have a better place (which are getting slowly) and should feel free to live like they want.


The look I have created for the last day of the AIFW was with strong silhouettes in which I used the mixture of cotton and leather. It was more of a bossy urban chic look with the detail of the bow tie. I picked up the bow tie from a men’s section of Van Heusen. The fun of mixing and matching truly goes to another level when you know your pairing will look spectacular.   



I paired the look with a white long shirt with the midi leather skirt to hide the length of the shirt. I used my boot’s belt to tie around my waist to give it a more defined look. The belt has metallic details which made the look a bit bolder. The bow tie, ponny tail hair and high ankle boots perfectly matched the outfit and looked the way I imagined it will be. #SuperHappy



Well with this look the AIFW Street Style looks are over for the last season. I cannot wait to style my outfits for the coming season where I will try to prepare something more out of the box and unique. I hope you like the pairing and the look. Thank you so much for reading.

P.S.: Our Maldives trip Vlogs are out now and here is the part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UjMnFe-ksI and the Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvXeaLrh1i8


Shirt: Koovs

Skirt: Koovs

Boots: Romwe

Bow Tie: Van Heusen

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