Minimal: Flower Dress & Block Heel

Minimal: Flower Dress & Block Heel

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Do you guys know what is my favorite part of dress up?  Well, it’s always the shoe selection. If I’m shopping and I see a beautiful pair of my size sitting on a rack, I just cannot resist myself from getting another pair of shoe. For this look, I started my pairing with my shoes. I went from bottom to top to create this look.




I was going through Reliance footprint website when I saw these lovely black pair of sandal. It looks chic with the ankle-length zipper closure with block heels and gold details. The shoes look perfect for me and I immediately ordered them. When I received them, they fit me so well and they are super comfortable too. I was actually looking for black block heels for long which I can pair easily with everything and this shoe solved my problem. These can go with any Indian wear as well as western wear too. I was going through Reliance Footprint’s website and they got various different options online as well as on their store.



For this look, I paired my strap pattern shoe with the floral black dress to compliment the shoe. Keeping the look minimalistic, I added a silver bag and my diamond ring. This is a perfect date look and a shopping look. I do not like too much of everything and keeping things neutral and minimal looks classy.


IMG_0061These shoes actually made me survive the entire day on heels and became one of my favorites now in my closet. I think you should check out Reliance Footprint online (here) and offline as well. I’m also leaving the link of the shoes I’m wearing below at the outfit section in case you would like to have a look. Thank you so much reading. I hope you like the look.


Shoe: Reliance Footprint (here)

Dress: Pret (GK Market, Delhi)


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