Max launches its ‘Most Fashionable Store’ in India

Max launches its ‘Most Fashionable Store’ in India

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Here’s a story of the Most Fashionable Store in India:

We’ve all been to malls small, big, bigger, biggest and then there is DLF mall of India. It’s opened in noida sector 18. How big is it you ask? Coz I will tell you how big it is!. It is “I’m an athlete give me a segway, coz I’m done running “ BIG. But what’s a novel without a story. EXACTLY!.


Chapter 1 enter MAX.

Yup MAX launches its biggest’ “most fashionable store”@DLF mall of India. This store is unlike other MAX that I’ve been to, and MAX made it sure to make this store a one stop shop for all international style at affordable prices. They’ve got everything right from apparel to footwear to accessories with dedicated sections for men, women and children offering more than 10,000 designs. “Pheww heavy breathing “


The store just doesn’t looks good but feels new, correction! it feels premium. It is designed in a unique fusion of fashion and aesthetics which lasts an impression. The moment you enter the store your eye catches that big portrait screen showcasing all new trending designs from MAX.

IMG_4310-1 IMG_4302-1


Ever been into that situation where you go “God i love this but damn, it’s not in my size or not the right fit “ . What to do. DUM …DUM.. DAAAAAA!!!! (dramatic drum roll). “Fear not you random shopaholic bystander coz MAX got you covered”. Yes, if you ever to step into a similar situation just place your order at the billing counter, give them your address and the right size you desire for that particular product and Max will deliver that product at your doorstep with zero delivery charges all you have to do is pay for the amount on the product. YUP, you heard that right girl!.

Untitled-1-1 IMG_4294-1

The store launch was inaugurated by Mr. Vasant Kumar, Executive Director, MAX Fashion India. To further mark this occasion, MAX also partnered with a leading NGO “Charity Unwrapped” and presented a fashion show by under privileged kids.

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