Matching Necklines To Neckpieces – Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers

Matching Necklines To Neckpieces – Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers

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That special day is here and you want to look just perfect! After years of dreaming about your wedding outfits, there is one more task, which is very important, is the selection of your wedding jewellery. Almost all brides think that, since my outfit is pink, I must wear rubies. Without a doubt, that looks nice enough, there is nothing more striking than emeralds with a pink outfit!

Most brides buy their outfit before choosing their bridal Jewellery. You have been doing it wrong, you must choose your jewellery before your outfit. Since your Jewellery is going to cost a lot more than your outfits, you should not have to compromise because of it has to match your already chosen outfits.

The shape of your neckline matters! Round necklines look good with round neckpieces; V necklines look good with V shaped neckpieces, while the sweetheart neckline looks good with any kind of jewellery. Akshita Sekhri, will be giving some important tips for matching your neckpieces to your neckline.Matching Necklines To Neckpieces - Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers

A low blouse neckline looks great with chokers or pieces of jewellery closer to the neck, provided you have a long neck. A choker complemented with a Rani Haar will make you stand out. You can also wear a heavy neckpiece with a pendant drop of it. In addition, if you really want to make a fashion statement of your own go with the option of wearing no jewellery and just large earrings.

Higher necklines look amazing with layered jewellery. If you are wearing a high neckline, you can opt for Rani Haar for a royal look. For the brides who choose to wear a simple and plain blouse, should opt for a bib necklace, which falls in tune with your outfits and looks like heavy embroidery done on the blouse.

Indian weddings are unimaginable without stunning jewellery and bling outfits! The bridal jewellery are a matter of pride for the bride and her family, which over time become a family heirloom. Experiment with your look and outfits, but don’t forget to choose the bridal jewellery wisely as they can make or break your entire look!

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