Making Statement: Lovely Necklace and Bodycon Mini Skirt

Making Statement: Lovely Necklace and Bodycon Mini Skirt

Hi Everyone!

Today’s outfit is with my favorite statement necklace which actually made a simple outfit super glamour. You should always have a statement piece like this in your wardrobe. Statement necklaces can add dimension to any outfit.

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Sometimes taking a few good shots for the blog turns out to be very difficult. You have to give good poses, you have to be in a good mood and you have to bear the strange staring of people. Usually when we go out for a shoot, I get very excited, and sometimes the atmosphere and the people around are so cooperative and great that the shoot goes flawless. But there are times when it just goes the opposite way and then we have to deal with it. It feels very sad that we are living in a country where people have a modern thinking and good social sense, but some people are just ruining our name in the society. We girls should show our courage and be bold of what we think and what we do. I think that will help changing the society for our future generations.

Thank you so much for reading!


Shirt: Old

Skirt: ( Here )

Bag: Madame

Shoe: Stelatoes Shoe ( Here )

Accesories: Necklace: Forever21


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