Kalyan presents Truly Bridal for all the brides to be!

Kalyan presents Truly Bridal for all the brides to be!

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November means the wedding season is back again. So, are you a bride-to-be or someone in your family or friend is getting married? Marriages bring a mix of excitement and nervousness, and I know how hectic it is to create or even think and decide on what to wear or buy, when you are already jittery about getting married, starting a new life and the dates are coming nearer and nearer. With all of that, you have to also look the prettiest as it is your wedding and everyone loves to look their best on their special day and on all the other ceremonies which come with it.

lanning for a wedding becomes hectic not only for the family but for the bride-to-be as well. Deciding on what type of outfits to buy, what kind of jewellery should be paired with each outfit, hunting for the right pair of shoes, etc, becomes a nightmare. To have a smooth wedding, meticulous planning in required. It’s best to avoid last-minute shopping because this only adds to the pressure. One of my friends got married and because she decided everything at the last minute, she could not manage to arrange for her Haldi Ceremony attire.Kalyan presents Truly Bridal for all the brides to be!

For all those who are going through this process and are worried about your look, I have good news for you. Kalyan Jewellers is soon launching their new online destination called ‘Truly Bridal by Kalyan’. Till now, there was no particular place where you can find experts telling you what to do and what not to do when it comes to bridal fashion. You have to go through various different blogs or magazines where you find different topics on wedding, but it might be a possibility that you will not find exactly what you are looking for.

Kalyan presents Truly Bridal for all the brides to be!

To solve this, Kalyan Jewellers that crafts beautiful jewellery, launch India’s first online bridal destination where Vloggers and stylists tell you all about Bridal jewellery trends, how to match it with clothes, what is too much and what too little, what to wear, what to do, what’s in, what to take in your trousseau, what type of jewellery matches what? Everything to do with bridal wear and couture, bridal beauty – makeup, hair and skin. This will be the ultimate bridal destination and first of its kind for Indian brides. Is this not amazing? I’m very excited and waiting for this amazing YouTube channel which will have more than 80 videos with leading Bloggers and stylist making a Bridal Journey TRULY BRIDAL.

Kalyan Jewellersis India’s most trusted and leading jewellery brand. They are also the country’s largest jewellery chain. What is more amazing than to have bridal look details from them directly? I’m super excited, are you?

Thank you so much for reading. We will be back with lots of information about this channel and its videos. Stay Tuned!

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