Jewellery Trends For Grooms – Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers

Jewellery Trends For Grooms – Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers

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Jewellery for the Indian groom has been around from the times of the Maharajas and the Mughals. The modern day groom is very conscious about the way he looks and how perfect his outfit looks. On the D-day, it’s usually only the bride who is decked up top to toe in sparkling jewels and a gorgeous lehenga, while the groom is left to only show off his wedding ring.

It is not so anymore. Here is a comprehensive list of Indian groom jewellery hitting the frame these days by Kalyani Desai, your Grooms wear stylist from Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers. Choose your favourite one and adorn it on your wedding day.

#1 The strings of emeralds-

Who said men cannot wear necklaces?

If a groom is wearing a Sherwani, by adding two to three strings of chunky, uncut emeralds or layered strings of pearls, they can spice up the royalty factor. Grooms can contrast green emeralds against red or blue colour of their stoles. This will help them not only stand out from the crowd, but also add a pop of colour to their outfit.


#2 The Jewelled Kalgi-

Kalgis were originally worn by Kings to signify a majestic presence. Hence, it is no surprise that Kalgi pins have become a norm in the grooms wear. You could either get a pin that is attached right at the centre, or a wrap string around the turban. Another variant is when there are feathery strings coming out from on top of the pin; this trend is commonly seen on Sikh grooms.

#3 Safa-

Safa is a long scarf that has tassels at the end. This piece is mostly worn with a sherwani in a contrasting colour to complete the look. It is easy to carry and also an inevitable part of Sherwani, the safa can be draped around the neck or can be worn over the shoulder of one arm going right around your waist and then wrapped around the other hand. You can also wear a safa in a colour that matches with your bride’s outfit, to strike a picture-perfect look!


#4 Cuff Links-

You can even pair cuff links with your Sherwani. A stunning pair of cuff links in some classy shades or metal enhances the grandeur of your tuxedo. So, for your special occasion pick an awesome piece and get ready to shine.

Apart from all this bling, the most precious thing that will complement your look is your smile. Wear a smile and attitude to steal the limelight. Now that you have an idea of the accessories, get ready to don up perfectly. Your accessories will emphasize your look enough to sweep your bride off her feet.

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