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If you guys follow us on snap chat or any other social handles then you have known that I have recently met the Wella Professionals – Global Ambassador Patrick Cameron and learnt lots of interesting facts about hair styling, current trends and looks. Who does not love going out with amazing looking hairstyles which are easy to create and maintain. We sometimes think that doing a hairstyle will take a lot of work and effort, but Patrick showed us it’s all a myth and you can create cute and easy hairstyles in minutes.

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Wella Professionals brought Patrick to educate 1800 hair stylists across three cities in India through grand shows where he exposed them to the various possibilities of hair styling and his association with Wella. He believes that hair styling is an expression of individuality and thus cannot take a back seat. He spent his last 25 years as the global ambassador for Wella and travelled the world sharing and presenting his show stopping hair styles.

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During the event Patrick Cameron showcased his Modern Vintage collection from the Wella Professionals portfolio. Modern vintage takes its inspiration from the 1960’s because this era has an enduring influence in fashion, in the balance and the proportions of the way hair is dressed. We had detailed Q&A session with him talking about how to dress our hair and he showed us some live demos. The first hair style he did on a fellow blogger showing us how easily someone can dress up their hair for a lazy day or someone who does not like to style a lot. I did snap chatted the whole process of creating that style.

Then he asked me to volunteer for his next hairstyle which was a Modern Chic hairstyle from one of his Modern Vintage collections. The hairstyle was a messy classic bun where he used lots of Bobby pins and hairspay to hold the look. When he finished the look I was awestruck with the style that he created on my hair. Frankly, I can wear that look with anything.

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The third look he created on a fellow blogger showcasing how you can enhance your features with an updo messy bun. Certain haircare and styling tips that we got from  Patrick Cameron:

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Finally, it was great to meet the god of long hair – Patrick Camaron and learn the tricks to have great looking styles. I hope you now have some tips as well that you can use too. Thank you so much for reading.



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