Ignis Electronation: A Launch Concert Like No Other

Ignis Electronation: A Launch Concert Like No Other

NEXA has nailed it once again with the launch of India’s First Premium Urban Compact vehicle – Ignis for the Millennials. With a unique launch or should I say None of a Kind launch, NEXA managed to reach out to the exact people they meant to.

Ignis Electronation – a launch concert that unveiled NEXA’s Ignis in style and splendor – was once-in-a-lifetime experience for me. Creating a car for millennials, they launched it amidst millennials. The electrifying event took place at Indira Gandhi Stadium Complex, New Delhi. Everything from the lights to the music to the two Ignis cars hanging right in the middle of the stage background, gave away hints of a grand evening!



Nawed Khan and Nikhil Chinapa, one of the most popular Indian artists, warmed up the crowd with their amazing music. Next in line was DANNIC who soared the temperatures high with his dynamic music. I totally loved their performances and enjoyed it all to the fullest. This was my first actual experience with live EDM performance, and NEXA’s event was spot-on on in making it memorable. I was overwhelmed, to say the least!


After DANNIC, the global sensation Axwell took over the stage, and owned it to the tee! Crowds yelling on top of their lungs, the pure magic of lights and music – the night had just begun for the young crowd.


Let’s come back to the premium urban compact, targeted to the millennials. The design of Ignis is as free-spirited, energetic and euphoric as the youth today, matching up with their full-of-life attitudes. That’s pretty much why it saw a launch as electrifying and grand as Ignis Electronation. This generation felt an instant connect with the Ignis.



It combines unconventional design, seamless smartphone experience with AndroidAuto and Apple CarPlay, technological supremacy with AGS on petrol and diesel, advanced safety features as standard and personalization options, making it unique on every parameter. The unique proportions of IGNIS get a confident stance with expressive wheel arches, tastefully accentuated with clad, and wheels placed at extreme corners. Captivating front has a single frame grille design, with inset Headlamps. The chrome accentuation on the front grille and fog lamps create a perfect example of unconventional design.

A truly one of a Kind package!


Thinking of driving one home? It’s available at NEXA showrooms now. You can also e-book yours at www.nexaexperience.com/ignis.html

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