How To Plan Your Wedding Trousseau – Truly Bridal By Kalyan Jewellers

How To Plan Your Wedding Trousseau – Truly Bridal By Kalyan Jewellers

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Since ages, the bridal trousseau has been every girl’s best friend during the initial months of her married life. However, with time, the contents of the bridal trousseau might have changed, but the emotional value attached to it remains the same even today. In the old days, the trousseau comprised just 11 essential items, but, these days it has every essential that the newlyweds might need to have in their closet to prepare for the occasions that she would have to be a part of. With her bridal trousseau being perfect; she would be able to create a lasting impression.

There are certain things without which the bridal trousseau would be incomplete. Today, Devika Patel, our wedding expert will tell you all about how to go about planning and shopping for your perfect bridal trousseau.

1)   Right Clothes for every occasion: Clothes are a major part of any bride’s trousseau. An Indian bride always needs to be ready for any type of traditional function. So, Kanjeevarams, Banarasi Silk, Patola, etc. in rich colors of your choice are a good investment for such occasions.   Hence, it is important that the trousseau should have something for all the important occasions. Don’t forget the kind of outfits you choose to put in your trousseau totally depends on your personal style.

However, you will also need outfits for dinner parties and cocktails which don’t require a traditional look. So, investing in pretty gowns and dresses along with some fusion outfits are must haves for the modern day bride.


2) Jewellery: It is the next important part of the Indian bridal trousseau. Apart from the bridal wedding jewellery, there are a few other classic essentials such as a pair of solitaire earrings, a pearl set and a pair of diamond bangles along with a few pairs of earrings that you can match with various other outfits. These would make the new bride not only shine in any outfit, but also prove to be valuable investments.

3)  Make-Up: Looking good for a new bride is the priority and when you are getting married, you are in the middle of a million things and poojas and after wedding functions, you won’t have time to run to the salon every time. So make sure you keep the make-up essentials you need in your trousseau.


4)   Footwear: No outfit is complete without a matching pair of shoes. As much as every girl would love a good dress, have matching pair of shoes with every outfit, the smart approach would be to invest in some basic yet classic pairs, which will also help you, complete the look for every occasion.

5)  Accessories: Right accessories are a must to enhance the beauty of your outfit and complete the look.  Every girl knows the importance of accessories and even has her own collection of various accessories. However, choose a few classic and metallic pieces which will compliment most of your outfits and make you look glamorous!

All you bride-to-be, a well planned trousseau will ensure that you look beautiful in the first few months of your marriage. Thus, prepare a list of things you need, and stick to those. Also, keep strict tabs on your budget.

Happy planning and shopping!!

This was our wedding expert, Devika Patel on how to plan your wedding trousseau.

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