How To Match Earrings To Your Face Type – Truly Bridal By Kalyan Jewellers

How To Match Earrings To Your Face Type – Truly Bridal By Kalyan Jewellers

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Every girl loves to adorn herself with various ornaments. Earrings happen to be the most important accessory that a girl can store in her jewelry box. Girls, who pick the right earrings according to the shape of their face, are able to make a style statement by highlighting their beauty with this simple and elegant accessory. Earrings have the power to take boring outfits to dazzling and exciting look.

We bet you did not know that just like dressing up according your body type; there is a science behind picking out the right kind of jewelry according to your face cut. A pair of earrings may good on you but might not look good on your friend or sister. All this depends on the shape of your face.

So, here are some useful tips by our jewelry expert, Shreya Jain to keep in mind when you are next shopping for earrings for that special occasion. As earrings come in different shapes, sizes and styles, hence, it becomes important for you to choose earrings that will not only compliment your face but your dress as well.

How To Match Earrings To Your Face Type - Truly Bridal By Kalyan Jewellers

Earrings for Oval Face Shape: The oval shape is the best shape as all kinds of earrings look perfect. Oval shaped dangling earrings will draw attention to the face shape without adding any width or length. Or else studs, teardrops, danglers, hoops, jhumkis would compliment your face well.

Earrings for Round Face Shape: Girls with round faces should try and make their face look elongated by choosing danglers or teardrop earrings. The longer the earring the better it will be. Danglers and teardrop earrings are the safest option.

Earrings for Diamond Face Shape: All those with a diamond shaped face should opt for long earrings such as jhumkis or hoop earrings. These styles will accentuate the face. You can also choose earrings with soft curves to minimize sharpness around the jaw line or cheekbones.

With all this knowledge about how to pick earrings for the shape of your face, hope you make the best use of it and always pair up your earrings and outfits perfectly.

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