Home Eye Checkup :: Lenskart

Home Eye Checkup :: Lenskart

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Everyone at certain point of time needs reading glasses and if not reading glasses, then surely sunglasses and what a better way than to have your eye checkup done at your home and get your first glasses free from Lenskart. Many of you might have known about this incredible service which Lenskart offer, but have you guys tried it on your own? Well, I have tried it recently and I’m going to review the service and their exclusive range of glasses today.



I had my reading glasses since I was at my school with a very minimal number and especially for computers. A few weeks ago I thought of changing my frame and searching lenskart for a frame option. They have so many options available to choose, and a very unique feature where you can try the glasses online by uploading your picture on lenskart and see how the frame is looking at your face. While I was trying this fun and interesting feature, I saw that lenskart is offering the first pair free of cost and a free eye checkup at your home. I booked the eye checkup and asked them to bring some frame options at home.

IMG_4173-1 IMG_4180-1

At my designated date and time, two guys from Lenskart arrived with their huge bags containing the eye checking equipments and lots of frames to choose from. To start with, they took out their eye checking equipments and I got my check up done with the help of their electronic device and then with the reader board. After my checkup was done, I went ahead and selected the frames from 100+ frames they brought at my place. They gave me a reference card and took my order.IMG_4187-1 IMG_4193-1

As it was the week of purchasing glasses, I decided to check out some sunglasses as well from the Lenskart’s own brand John Jacobs store in Khan Market. I tried various different sunglasses at the store and few reading frames too. I end up buying a few frames which I totally look.IMG_4197-1(1)  IMG_4217-1

Do check out Lenskart and avail their amazing offers and home services. I sure you will love it the way I did. Thank you so much for reading!

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