Hands on & Full Phone Review: Nubia Z11 MiniS

Hands on & Full Phone Review: Nubia Z11 MiniS

Everyone one of us uses gadgets in our everyday lives. Especially mobile phones; it has become our basic necessity. Not only for calling and staying in touch with other people, we use mobile phones for taking pictures, listening to music, watching videos, checking our social media account and much more. New phones are coming in the market each and every year and every brand is trying to level up their game with latest features. Thus, it is very important to know the phone and its features before investing in it.



Nubia has recently launched a new phone Nubia Z11 MiniS and today we’re reviewing it for you. Nubia Z11 MiniS is a semi-budget smartphone costing Rs. 16,999. It comes with full metal body design on the outside and very slim (7.6mm) which makes it easier to hold in one hand and navigate on the phone. The Matt finish on the back of the phone keeps the phone from slipping off but one should still buy an extra protecting mobile case.



On the front, the screen bezels on either side are almost too minimal giving the user a corner to corner display feel. Fingerprint scanners are mandatory demand for smartphones now a days and Nubia Z11 Mini S has on the back which reads multiple fingers of the user. You can also assign different actions to the fingerprint scanner to eg- unlocking, screenshot, snapping photos. The volume and power off /standby buttons are on the right side of the phone as we see on most of the smartphones. Also on the front, the home, back and multitasking buttons are present outside of screen area giving the user a 100% uncropped working area. All three buttons are visible via backlit at the bottom.  



On display side the phone has 5.2-inch gorilla Glass display screen with 1080p HD resolution, it’s not AMOLED display but the brightness levels are good and colors are well saturated. In case one needs to tweak the display settings, then you have color temperature settings as well. Nubia Z11 mini S also came up with a new dual SIM hybrid slot that can convert one of the Sim slots into a microSD slot which can go up to 200gb.


Yes, you have headphone jack here on the top and USB type c charging at the bottom but still, it has no fast charging and no NFC too which we thought if present would’ve been better. We are happy with the processor of this phone under its category. It packs 4gb RAM and 64gb storage with snapdragon Qualcomm Octa-core 625 SoC series. The OS here is named Nubia UI 4.0 which is based on Android marshmallow 6.0.1 but the company has confirmed that on the roll out of Android Nougat, Nubia Z11 mini S will get an update too. In our experience, the phone is pretty fast and it took everything effortlessly that we threw at it. We ran heavy ram monster games on it, like the need for speed and asphalt 8 and we couldn’t find any noticed lag. During extreme processing on such apps, the phone does get a little warm but that’s the issue every phone is battling with.


Audio performance is pretty neat as it has a dual stereo at the bottom, we like the sound with headphone jack where you can tweak bass and treble to your personal needs. Nubia Z11 mini S supports multiple audio video codecs for hassle-free playback which brings us to its battery part. I know we mentioned earlier there is no fast charging but the phone comes with 3000mAh battery and with good battery management. The operating system provided all day lasting backup.



And now, the feature that nubia Z11 mini S is banking all its chips and it is pretty enticing. Starting with the rear camera which is 23mp Sony IMX 318 Exmor sensor with PDAF and f-stop at f/2.0 Aperture. When it comes to daylight the camera photo quality blew our minds, first off it’s blazing fast and the sensor captures brilliant light and color details. Focus points are quick and accurate in our tests. The phone also performs better under low light with less noise but background details can get a bit compromised.



And now the front camera, which is 13mp Sony IMX 258 CMOS lens and appetite here is also at f-stop f/2.0. This has an 80°wide angle for a group out large portrait selfies. One of the features we loved on the front facing camera is when a user smiles the camera takes the photo automatically. We love this feature because shutter release here is lightning fast and it did not stop at one photo but keep on taking multiple photos of your smiling face. So, finally on an overall we like Nubia Z11 MiniS as it offers a refreshing take on smartphones era, it’s affordable but the build quality is not cheap, hybrid dual SIM slot/MicroSD slot offer storage to 200gb, blazing fast selfie cam and high sensor camera. It is a beautiful package in our experience.


Thank you so much for reading our review on the Nubia Z11 MiniS. You can buy the Nubia Z11 MiniS from here: https://goo.gl/kn3trV. We hope that this review will help you choose your phone wisely.

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