Hands Jewellery For Brides-to-be | Truly Bridal By Kalyan Jewellers

Hands Jewellery For Brides-to-be | Truly Bridal By Kalyan Jewellers

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Jewellery plays an important role in Indian weddings. The entire look of the bride is considered incomplete without the jewellery. Indian jewellery has an identity of its own. The designs, the colour and the handcrafted finish cannot be seen in any other function. Indian weddings are marked for the uniqueness of its culture and jewellery.

Your wedding functions do not get over with the wedding ceremony, there are many ceremonies that happen even after the wedding, and there is only so much jewellery you can buy. There are many brides who tend to forget a certain kind of jewellery and hand jewellery tops the list. Shanaya Sardesai, jewellery and beauty expert from Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers is here to give you tips on the kind of hand jewellery all the brides-to-be can invest in.

The way you enhance your hands can change the look and feel of your entire look on your wedding day, so there is no reason you should be scared to experiment a little.


#1 Hand Cuffs

Just when you thought things couldn’t get more interesting, it does. Hand cuffs are so chic and there is no doubt that they will look zingy with most of your Indian wear. Hand cuffs are so much better than bangles and kadas that we have been banking on since a long time.

#2 Hand Harness

Girls, there is a lot more to experiment when it comes to jewellery nowadays.  Make way for the next generation haath phools! Hand harness comes in a variety of tassels and chunks of metals, pearls and beads. These make sure your hands do all the talking.


#3 Engagement Rings

Your engagement ring and the wedding band have sentimental value and it is something you wear forever. While every girl wants a big rock to show off to her friends and family, you should seriously think about investing in a wedding band. Wedding bands are classy and will compliment just about any outfit you wear.

#4 Cocktail Rings

An effervescent cocktail ring is one piece of jewellery that keeps all the brides happy. That’s the thing about cocktail rings, they suit every palette and also this will probably be the most used jewellery after marriage too. It’s the only accessory you need to keep things stylish.

So, for all the brides-to be jewellery is very important part of your trousseau, be sure to invest in things you will wear for many years to come.

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