HAiROOTZ Eva: Solution to the HairFall

HAiROOTZ Eva: Solution to the HairFall

We all know that to look great, your hair plays a very important role. There are various reasons for hair fall. Let’s learn about the reasons which actually make your hair to fall:

Poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle: If you are eating all wrong, not taking your eight-hour sleep, stress or any health issue can be a reason of your hair fall.

Pollution: We all know that with every passing year, pollution is also increasing. It does not only affect your skin but also affect your hair. Because of the pollution, the hair gets damaged and hair fall starts.

Sun and changing weather: Sun damage can make your hair discolored, rough and lifeless and changing weather can cause dandruff which leads to hair fall.  


Chemicals: We use shampoo to clean our hair and make it look fresh. The shampoo that is used to keep hair clean and free from dandruff attacks normally contains sulphate which in turn makes hair fall worse.  

Not only men, women also suffer from baldness now and this leads to depression and lack of confidence. There are many oils, medicines, shampoos, chemicals in the market which assures you that it will stop the hair fall. Some works for you but hair fall actually never stops and it keeps happening back after few weeks. It is very important to give your body important nutrients which are used to maintain healthy hair and prevent hair loss. Two such nutrients are grape seed extract and biotin. Let us know the importance of these two ingredients:

Benefits of Grape Seed Extract: It helps stimulates the hormones in the human body which result to fight hair fall. Increases the blood circulation and oxygen in the hair follicle and your hair root strengthens with the passage of time. It works as a wonderful antioxidant that promotes anti-ageing benefits. Grape Seed Extract also protects hair cells from damage caused by oxidation, which helps in allowing your tresses to stand firm and last longer before they fall off.

Benefits of Biotin: Biotin strengthens hair roots by breaking down fats and amino acids as per the body’s requirement which reduces the breakage of hair & prevents split-ends. It increases the elasticity of hair which minimizes hair breakage and helps strengthen and thicken hair. Biotin also encourages the growth of hair and skin cells.


Now, that we know what causes hair fall and what can save it, do you know how you can intake Grape Seed extract and Biotin to keep your hair healthy? Well, Dr. Reddy’s HAiROOTZ Eva is a solution to that! HAiROOTZ soflets contain a wealth of essential minerals and vitamins such as selenium, iron, and zinc on the one hand and biotin, folic acid and calcium pantothenate on the other. It is available in the form of easy to swallow soflets that are water soluble and are easy to digest. Once the gelatinous shell is dissolved the nutrients inside it are absorbed by the circulatory system and transported to the scalp. For the results to be visible, you must take one HAiROOTZ soflet once a day for a minimum of three to four months. It will provide your hair with the nutrition and you will see that your hair has become much shinier and healthier than before.


We cannot change the weather, pollution or chemicals but we can use HAiROOTZ soflets to fight back these common hair problems, especially hair fall.

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