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We love fashion for many things, for one that we all know and can relate that somehow it is comparable to TIME,  How you may ask?…. For starters it never stops, it leaves a mark in history, and it evolves with us sometimes ahead of us, and the best of all it never discriminate. It’s not only centered to clothing but all. It’s a web that stretches to infinity and beyond touching everything from clothing, to food, to shelter, you’ll see it in garnished delicacies to eco friendly interior decor. And this is where our journey begins today! … Presenting GROHE


A German engineered sanitary fitting manufacturers providing us with state of art bathroom fittings which is so flexible that it blends in aesthetically according to our needs and yet stands out. GROHE offers a wide range of finest sanitary fittings in urban style which is classy to look at and lasts for a good impression. The price range starts here from 17,000INR and it is targeted to middle class to niche market.



The New GROHE SPA™ F-digital Deluxe shower products turn your bathroom into an exclusive private home spa – an experience that stimulates all the senses, that seduces, fascinates and inspires you. Starting autumn 2012, GROHE offers full flexibility for the premium shower, building on the renowned F-series showers. There are lots of amazing products for your bathroom to select from but we love below two products the most:

GROHE Rainshower smart control.

We all love taking shower and we all struggle with it unless we get the angle or the water pressure just right, RIGHT!. Look no further for GROHE presents Rainshower smart control bathing fixtures with push technology. Here you have 3 push buttons with wall-mounted chassis giving you the control on the water spray and for extra control you can turn these buttons adjusting the water volume giving you and your family a perfect bath experience.

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GROHE SPA™ F-digital Deluxe

Look at this fine beauty, it’s a deluxe shower a.k.a an exclusive private home spa. GROHE F-series showers are best in it’s class giving your body that perfect massaging experience. This deluxe shower house changes the light according to your mood. After a busy day step into it’s one of a kind shower therapy with mood lighting and six showers from either side of your body and the head shower covering from above. That’s not all you can connect your ipod and listen to your music library, be it rock or jazz you are the master.

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GROHE covers all from bathroom to kitchen to basin fittings. Its sharp edgy design and smart technology makes work effortless. Once you get in touch with this luxury brand it will become your bare necessity. Hey! don’t just believe what I say, read the customer’s testimonials or next time when you visit the GROHE store ask for the customer review. Check out their exclusive range here:

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