Grocery Shopping is Easy:: PepperTap

Grocery Shopping is Easy:: PepperTap

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A few days ago a very funny incident happened. My friends came over surprising me and wanted to have dinner cooked by my mom. Everything was so last minute that we do not even know what to make and how to handle so many people’s foods because we did not have much grocery in stock at home.

Under all the panic and ‘do not know, what to do’ situation, one of my friend helped me figuring out from where to get the groceries online sitting at home and chit-chatting with my friends. So, she showed me the incredible mobile application called ‘PapperTap’ through which you can order all your groceries and house house items online and PapperTap delivers it within 2 hours.

Grocery Shopping is Easy:: PepperTap Grocery Shopping is Easy:: PepperTap Grocery Shopping is Easy:: PepperTap

So, I quickly downloaded the application on my phone and placed the order while having coffee with my friends and they actually deliver my order within 2 hours of placing the order.  The application is very easy to use and order placement is very user friendly. There are approximate 5000 products to choose from. You can also track your orders as where they are and when they will be delivered. They have a wide variety to choose from such as: Fruits and vegetables, Instant food, drinks and beverages, dairy products, snacks, cooking essentials, health and beauty, home supplies, etc.

Grocery Shopping is Easy:: PepperTap

This is a one stop store for all the household need. When my order arrived, my mom made her special Fried Rice and Manchurian for my friends. All of them had a great time and mom got so many compliments. Without pappertap this food party would have been even possible as I would have been gone out for shopping, groceries and would not give tie to my friends.

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The application made life easier and you can get all your essentials just by sitting my home. You can also get your required food supplies which normally are not available in your nearby market. This happens to me a lot! Recently I have developed a new hobby of cooking with the help of online recipes. Pappertap helps a lot ordering last minute requirements. Now I know how to cook, red and white sauce pasta, my mom’s famous Manchurian and many more such recipes.


I recommend all of you to try this application just once and I’m sure you will love it the way I did. Thank you so much for reading. You can download the application from here:

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