Future of Fashion in Mobile world

Future of Fashion in Mobile world

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In this new era of our world, we are mainly relying on the internet or our mobile to stay updated. Trust me, being a fashion blogger and a working girl, I feel like it is very hard for me to go to different stores and shop or keep myself updated with the latest news and fashion trends. I’m actually living on my phone and I don’t know what I would have done without it. Sometimes my mom also screams at me as she always sees me typing or doing something on my phone.


I love the way how the internet, especially on Mobile changed our world. We can use it anytime and on the go. Recently my friends went for the Dubai trip and because of my overloaded work pressure, I could not be a part of that trip. But thank god some genius invented the internet and because of it, I can be a part of that trip. My friends sent me their pictures and videos and I was so happy. It was like having vacation while I was working.


Just like how mobile is saving us everywhere else, it itIt is also revolutionizing the way we shop! The world of fashion is finding new business ways and all thanks to the new technologies. At first the ecommerce platforms came which managed to change the way of purchasing items. Now, due to the vast and successful adoption of smart phones, many online retailers have started their mobile application where you only have to log in and buy their products. The physical stores also after seeing the acceptance of this type of initiative are starting to introduce all sorts of mobile tools in their establishments in order to improve their customer purchase experience. This is something very cool and I usually do mobile shopping. This is one of my favorite ways of shopping as well. Whether I am in the office or waiting for my friends or I am at a boring party, mobile shopping applications really keep me busy.

Fashion retailers like Myntra.com have put great effort in creating amazing mobile shopping applications which are user friendly. We all know that Myntra is India’s one of the most trusted online retail store where you can get everything related to fashion. I personally love shopping with them because of their super fast delivery and a huge range of products to select from. From the time I got to know that Myntra has started their mobile application, I just love it even more. Shopping always makes me happy, but now I can be happy anytime, anywhere. So, all my shopping crazy readers try the Myntra  mobile application and feel the happiness yourself. This application is really a must have in everyone’s mobile.


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