Full Review & Product Details – Fab Bag August 2016

Full Review & Product Details – Fab Bag August 2016

Hi Everyone!

I have been doing Fab bag reviews on my YouTube channel, but as I was sick this month due to bad viral, I did not actually have that energy to do a video thus I’m doing a blog review for you guys. Fab Bag arrived on time and it actually arrives really early. As always I was very excited to receive it and show you guy. Finally, now that I’m fine and collected my energy to write this post, here is the full review of the August Fab Bag.


About the Fab Bag and what is it:

Fab Bag is a monthly subscription bag which contains 4-5 beauty products (sometimes accessories) and it comes once a month and has been customised according to your feedback. You can do one, three, six or twelve months subscription by paying the subscription fees. For more details, please check their website here: http://www.fabbag.com/

About August Fab Bag:

The bag looks pretty with pink polka dots in it. This is zipper pouch which Fab Bag normally makes. These bags are pretty useful for travelling or making it your makeup pouch and keeping it in your handbag. Overall, I love the look of this month’s Fab Bag.


What I have received in the August Bag:

  1. Geri G. Gloss Creme
  2. Just Herbs Malabar Lemon Grass Invigorating Body wash
  3. Kronokare Anti Turm Repaining Hair Oil
  4. Natural Bath & Body – Face Masque
  5. Livon Serum
  6. Two product pamphlets


More About the products:

Let us start looking at the products one by one-

Geri G. Gloss Creme: If you are a regular subscriber of Fab Bag, they sometimes send you a link which contain few products out of which you can select one for your next Fab Bag. When Fab Bag asked by giving me a few options, I selected this lip gloss for me. I was looking for a gloss which should be wearable over a lipstick and should keep my lips hydrated.


When I received this gloss, first, I thought I completely screwed by ordering such light shade. But to my surprise, it goes very well with different lipsticks. It has a light bubblegum smell and it is a little sticky which is normal with every lip gloss. The shade name of this gloss is Sweetness and I have received the full size product. The price of the same is Rs. 1000. To be frank, I like the gloss and it stays for long and keeps my lip hydrated.


Just Herbs Malabar Lemon Grass Invigorating Body wash: I really love when I receive body wash and this one of course made me happy. This is a sample size product. I have not yet used this product, but it does smell like Lemon Grass and I love this smell. It smells so fresh and aqua that it is making me happy by just smelling it. I have received a 50Ml product and the full size of this product is 200ml for Rs. 545. The product says it is Paraben & SLS/SLES Free which is definitely a good news.


Kronokare Anti Turm Repaining Hair Oil : I’m not a big hair oil fan and I will be very honest that I do not like to oil my hair. Recently I have been suffering from a lot of hair fall and rough hair because of the regular heat styling. So, I’m thinking of using this hair oil for sure. The bottle says that its 100% natural. It has a unique blend of geranium, lavender and peppermint essential oils bring a superior nourishment and moisture to your hair. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, this formula delivers essential nutrients to the hair and protects it from future damage. I have received a 30ml product and the packaging says it is for Rs. 225, however, my pamphlet says that a 500ml product will cost Rs. 2875.


Natural Bath & Body – Face Masque: Well, I’m not a great fan of changing my beauty routine as I have sensitive skin. I will probably gift this face Masque to someone. The product says ‘Nature’s most powerful antioxidants – Vitamin C, grapefruit oil and plant extracts – team up together to create this whitening gel pack.’ Anyways I’m also not a fan of whitening formulas as well. The product has a very strong smell of perfume. I have received a 50ml product and the price is not mentioned in it, but the pamphlet says that the price for 100ml product is Rs. 215.


Livon Serum: I have received three pouches of Livon serum which contains 3ml each and cost Rs. 5. We all know about the Livon Serum so I’m not opening the pouches and I probably give this so someone as well as I have lots of hair serum stored at my place now.


So that is all about this month Fab Bag. Overall, I like the products and I will definitely use the first three products. I always love when Fab Bag sends makeup products.

Thank you so much for reading! Let me know if you like more such reviews :)

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