Formal Shoe Types for Working Men Executive

Formal Shoe Types for Working Men Executive

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Who said that women can only have numerous pairs of shoes in their wardrobe? Well, men can also have different styles of shoes and pair them up according to their mood. So, today we will going to talk about top five formal shoes for working executives.


Well, when you are in your office, you should look good and by selecting the correct outfit and shoes you can impress anyone. Be it a meeting or an office get together, looking good and keeping yourself up to date with fashion always helps you one or the other way. Let me give you an example: Suppose on a Monday, you don’t feel like working or going to the office because you partied a lot on Sunday night and you are still feeling tired! Then to brighten up the mood, you can pair your bright colored shirt with a neutral colored trouser and pair it with a two-tone shoes. The colors in your outfit will keep your mood energetic.

So, following are the five men fashion shoes which you can wear to your office:

Derby Shoes: These are the most common shoes which you can wear to your office. I’m sure all of you must have worn this once in your life.Derby shoe is the perfect match of smart and casual. This style of shoe was  popular as a sporting and hunting boot in the 1850s, but by the 20th century it had become appropriate for town wear.
Boat Shoes: These shoes are more relaxed shoes. Boat shoes are available in different styles and pattern, but leather and suede styles are classic. You can team up your sweater or shirt with trouser and wear a boat shoe with it to create a formal look or you can wear your Bermuda pants and a T-shirt with boat shoes and create a cool casual look. This is a very versatile shoe which you can wear for your formal as well as casual looks.
Loafers: These are the most comfortable slip on shoes. Available in various different colors and styles, loafers are the most popular shoes in town these days. I believe when you do not understand what to wear, wear loafers and you are good to go. You can wear them with your semi formal and casual wear very easily.
Two-Tone Shoes: These shoes are constructed from two contrasting colors, typically having the toe and heel cap and, sometimes the lace panels in a darker color than the main body of the shoe. As stated above, these shoes can lighten up your mood with its color effects. Many designers use two-tone shoes for their runway show.
Brogues: These shoes are my personal favorite. I own a pair of brogues and I love to wear them all the time because of their comfort and style. It gives a vintage look with an edge. You can pair them with your torn jeans as well as with your trousers. They look absolute gorgeous in any pairing.
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