Floral Prints – Ultra Feminine and Chic

Floral Prints – Ultra Feminine and Chic

Hey Everyone!

Spring is here and Spring without the floral pattern in your closet is so disappointing. I have also shared my last pairing with floral pattern ( click here to see the post ) and I hope you guys liked it.

Floral patterns are so ultra – feminine and chic that it almost look good with everything. Its just you have to choose what you want to wear carefully.

You can see below,  a same dress which has been wore in two different styles and both are looking very pretty. The first look is very chic yet very strong and the second look is very feminine and cute.

You can wear a bright floral pattern to beat the heat or….2

Try keeping everything soft and light.


Floral print trousers and skirts looks amazingly chic and stylish. You can pair this up with a simple top or shirt and you are good to go.



Thank you so much for reading this. Hope this post inspire you to wear floral patterns in different ways :)


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